Women at Google were so upset over memo saying women get easily upset that they skipped work


Google currently has 72,053 employees. Earlier this week, one out of this 72,053 people expressed an opinion that many disagreed with. So, a large chunk of the female employee population decided to skip work and stay at home instead. As most of you guys already know, the writer of the “controversial” Google memo that argued among other things that men and women were biologically different, and some of these differences could account for why some fields of studies are dominated by a particular gender, has been fired.

Its worth noting that several scientists have responded to the memo by the Google employee (Who himself is a scientist with a PhD in biology from Harvard) stating unanimously that almost every assertion he makes in the memo is correct, or at least in line with current consensus among biological scientists. That still didn’t stop Google from firing him, accusing him of “advancing harmful gender stereotypes”. Ironically, the memo also accused Google of being “an ideological echo chamber”. Way to prove him wrong, guys.

NPR talked to a former Google software engineer, who claimed that some female Google employees stayed home from work Monday because they were so upset over the memo. According to the engineer, the memo made them feel “uncomfortable going back to work”:

Google probably isn’t liking all this backlash. They can’t take all the blame for this one though, they probably just wanted to save face; following the mass hysteria caused by the media’s deliberate misrepresentation of the contents of the memo. The first version of the memo that was published by Gizmodo omitted several charts and citations that supported the writer’s arguments. Here’s a link to the memo in its complete form