Woman who was too fat to fit in a plane loses 13 stone

She documented her weight loss campaign.


Amber Rose, a 24 years old woman from Harpenden, Hertfordshire documented her weight loss from 24 stones to a stunning size 10 and even went as far as to pay £8,000 for a tummy tuck to remove her excess skin. The dailymail reports that prior to her weight loss campaign, Amber was too fat to fit on a standard plan seat, and had had to buy an extra seat every time she went on a holiday. According to her, the tipping point for her was when a stranger presumed she was pregnant even though she wasn’t. She was just fat. It was at that point that she decided to say goodbye to the takeaway and fatty foods and slim down.

amber before
Amber before she decided to lose weight.
amber before
More “before” pictures of Amber


‘I also needed a seatbelt extender to fit over my bulging stomach, I was so uncomfortable but I couldn’t envision how I’d ever be any different.

‘It was mortifying going away and instead of looking forward to holidays I would always dread them as getting on a plane was always humiliating.

‘I felt like everyone would stare at me, and even when I got to these beautiful destinations I’d have to cover up my body because I was too ashamed.

She is reported saying.

Before she finally decided to lose the weight, Amber confessed that she was in denial over how large she was. She would convince herself she wasn’t “that fat” and would go on eating every food she could get her hands on.

Then one day a friend of hers (A shitlord friend I presume) uploaded a photo of her at a buffet table, which horrified her.  She said she couldn’t believe it was her in the picture. “I knew I was big but this woman looked huge.” she said

‘After that I lost a stone quite quickly but was humiliated again when a stranger came up to me on a night out and asked how many months pregnant I was.

amber 1

amber 2‘Ever since then I haven’t looked back, I switched to low calorie healthy meals and began to do light exercise.

‘Now I’m a gym junkie and absolutely love working out, I feel more confident than ever and can’t wait to get my bikini out this summer.’

As most people who have lost weight bear witness to, losing the first 5 or so stones is always the hardest. Once you lose a few stones, you will be more motivated and more determined  to push harder.

amber 1

amber 3

However, after losing 13 stone, Amber was left carrying half a stone of excess skin around her stomach. No amount of exercise and diet was going to get rid of that.

amber 2

amber 11amber 12





While she was going through her transformation, she decided to start saving money, and finally in November, she paid £8,000 for cosmetic surgery which helped her get rid of the excess skin.

Quite a lot of money, especially for someone on a meager salary, but it was worth it:

amber 1 amber 2 amber 3

Now, Amber is proud of her body and likes showing it off, and we can’t blame her. She looks hot.

Finally, she says:

‘I felt so proud of myself after losing so much weight through hard work and making the right decisions but my weight loss had left me with so much excess skin.

‘Instead of feeling lighter after the gym I felt heavier as I was carrying 7lbs of skin around my stomach.

‘I knew at some point I might need to do something as no matter how many times you go to the gym you’re never going to tone that much skin.

‘So I began to save money every month for when the day came and it was such a relief when it was gone. I feel like a new woman and I have more confidence than ever before.

‘I no longer feel like I stand out of the crowd for all the wrong reasons.’

‘I can’t wait to get on a plane again this summer and I’ll feel no shame when stepping out in my bikini.

‘I’m happier than I’ve ever been.’

amber 1

amber 2

amber 3



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