Woman took a dump at KFC to fight for chicken rights


If you are one of those people who still believe that vegans are sane functioning members of society, well you can finally put that myth to rest. They are not; Not most of them anyway. It seems like every time a vegan makes the news, they are always doing something incredibly stupid.

This week, a woman revealed on Facebook that she has taken a pledge to always go to a KFC bathroom to poop whenever she is on the road, in order to “waste water” and “use up a parking spot”. This she believes, will at least mildly inconvenient the famous chicken joint.

Using the hashtag #DumpForChickens, she said she was “helping the vegan movement one dump at a time”.

Every time I am on the road and need to take a dump. I always do it in KFC and leave. Mostly so they have to pay that little bit of money in water costs and take up a car space and not buy anything lel
Just helping the vegan movement one dump at a time

Her actions may not be without consequences, as KFC stores are now taking caution before letting anyone use their bathrooms.

Last week, an elderly woman had to pee herself after KFC staff refused her access to their bathroom.

KFC is investigating a disturbing incident which saw an elderly women wet herself in the Bagot Road store after she was allegedly refused the use of a staff toilet. In a post on Facebook a woman who identified herself as a carer of the lady said the woman cried following the incident.
“SHAME SHAME SHAME on the (staff member) of KFC Bagot Road Darwin who refused one of my clients access to (the) staff toilet and then stood and watched as she wet herself in the middle of the restaurant,” she wrote.“She cried because she had wet her dress.“I cried because this beautiful women had been treated with total disrespect and was robbed of her dignity.”
In the post, which has since been deleted, the carer took aim at the KFC employee. “Wonder how he would have felt if it had been his mum,” she said. “KFC has not heard the last of this.” “Im so sick of our beautiful seniors being treated like second class citizens.”
A spokeswoman for KFC Australia told the NT News the company would love to speak with the woman’s carer. “We’re really sorry for any distress or embarrassment this customer experienced at our Darwin restaurant” the spokeswoman said. “We’d love to speak with the customer’s carer (name withheld) via our Customer Service Hotline so we can investigate this further.”

You did this, vegans.

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