Woman gives birth to a child, media declares it a historic miracle


Hayden Cross was born as a woman. She was born with female body parts, she had a female figure and structure, and possessed female reproductive organs. When she was 18 years old, she decided she felt more comfortable as a man, so she begun to take hormones to become a man. About a year ago, she decided she wanted to have a child, so she stopped taking her hormones, allowing her body to revert back to its natural female form. This allowed her to get pregnant, thanks to a sperm donor she found on Facebook. She gave birth to a baby girl this week.

I am no professional journalist, but if I was writing a story about Hayden, I would probably title the article “Transgender-man gives birth to baby girl”, or “Transgender man stops hormone replacement therapy to give birth to a child”, and then write the article along those lines. The mainstream media however had other plans; and by “mainstream media”, I mean the tabloid gossiping website known as “The Sun”.

The Sun published a story about Hayden, titled “British man makes history by giving birth to a baby girl”. Upon reading the headline, you’re left thinking that science has crossed a new boundary, helping men carry and give birth to their own children. Except it hasn’t. There is nothing revolutionary about someone with female reproductive organs giving birth to a child’ that is literally how it has worked for all of human history. That still didn’t stop The Sun from labeling it a “historic event”, naming Hayden “the first British man to give birth”.

The implication being that if you legally change your gender from “female” to “male”, then you’re now a man. Surely there has to be more to being a man than that, right? I mean, if a woman legally changes her gender identity to “parrot” and then gives birth, does she earn the title of “First parrot to give birth to a human child”? I think the mere fact that Hayden stopped taking hormones in order to get pregnant alone proves that men cannot give birth. If they could, Hayden wouldn’t have had to stop transitioning into a man to give birth. If men can give birth, then why would you have to transition back into a woman to give birth? Why not just continue your transition into a man and then give birth in that state?

I’m sorry, but if you’re a woman who is transitioning into a man and then stops taking hormones, allowing all the testosterone to leave your system, haven’t you basically just reverted back to your old female self? I fell like I’m taking crazy pills here……. Am I the only sane person left on the planet?