Woman gets 25 years for having sex with a 4 year old boy


A Ewing woman from Trenton is reported to have been jailed 25 years, for video taping herself performing sexual acts on a 4 year old relative and selling the footage. Pamela, a 30 year old, pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault a year ago, after law enforcement discovered the videos online.

According to The New Jersey, Pamela was sentenced after she admitted to sending the video to three people for money. Her parents said they were shocked by her actions:

“Mercer County Superior Court Judge Anthony Massi handed down the sentence after Mercer County prosecutors read a statement from Dziminski’s parents. In the statement the parents said they were in a “state of shock” following the allegations. In summarizing the case during sentencing, Massi said after the videos were found online, Dziminski admitted she had performed sexual acts on the child and taped them on her cell phone. She sent the videos to three people in exchange for money, Massi said.”

The Judge was unforgiven:

“In addition to the videos, Dziminski took nude photos of the 4-year-old and nude photos of herself with the child, Massi said in court. “The child was very young. He had no control over the situation,” Massi added. Her parents said they didn’t know about the “double” life she was living and that she was very depressed. Her parents also said in the letter they thought their daughter was coerced into taking the video”

In the end, The judge sentenced her to a 25 year prison sentence. She would have to serve 20 years before she is eligible for parole.