Woman falsely accused police officer of rape, but his body camera was on


So much for “women never lie about rape”. A woman who accused a Louisville Metro Police officer of sexual assault is being charged with second-degree perjury and falsely reporting an incident, after security footage from the police officer’s body camera proved her allegations to be false.

Gina Dorsey, the woman in question had been originally charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, menacing and third-degree assault of a police officer (Quite a lot of charges for one person, if I do say so myself).

To get back at one of the officer who arrested her and possibly exonerate herself from the allegations, Gina decided that her best course of action was to accuse him of sexual assault. She made the allegation knowing that it did not occur and a few days later, swore under oath and signed an official document testifying to the truth of the claim.

There was just one problem: Unknown to her, the police officer had been wearing a secret body camera on his person at the time (As is mandated for all Louisville police officers). The camera had recorded their entire encounter, and not only does the footage prove she hadn’t been sexually assaulted, it actually shows her resisting arrest and assaulting officers.

In total, Gina is now facing six charges. Nice.

Here’s a picture of her: