Why You’re Wrong About Slavery in America

Here's why you're wrong about slavery.


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Today, white, christian, males are often the ones taking all of the flack for slavery. In a world with Black Lives Matter and other activists desperately searching for validity in the belief that they are entitled to anything and everything, many have become absurdly misinformed on the topic of slavery in America. Just how legitimate are these claims that whites are to blame for the slave trade in its entirety? As it turns out, not very…

In his video What Pisses Me Off About Political Correctness, philosopher Stefan Molyneux explains why criticisms of white men due to their role in American slavery is quite unjust:

“White males are still being criticized for slavery, 150 years after it was formally ended. Mostly by the death and sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of white males.”

After the white men of the Union had made the ultimate sacrifice in order to ensure the freedom of the slaves, the entire demographic of white males are, today, the ones who take the blame for perpetuating it.

“In America at the time, only about 1.4% of whites ever owned slaves in the United States. The percentage of slave ownership was actually much higher for Jewish households. Compared to 1.4% of whites owning slaves, 28% of free blacks owned slaves.”

He also goes on to state that “only about 5% of modern white Americans are descendants of slave owners.” Based on these statistics, White males were actually among the least likely to have owned slaves in the United States.

According to African-American historian John Hope Franklin, “There were instances, however, in which free Negroes had a real economic interest in the institution of slavery and held slaves in order to improve their economic status.”

Also, most Jews at the time were actually proponents of slavery and many sought to expand the practice.

There was also a very small population of slaves in the United States as well compared to the South American and the Caribbean where most of them were sent.

“Of the 11 million blacks shipped westward across the Atlantic only 5% (5.5 million) went to America.”

It has been estimated by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database that around 12.5 million slaves were shipped from Africa to the Americas (North and South America and the Caribbean). On the way, only about 10.7 million survived the journey. But only about 388,000 of those slaves were sent to North America and the USA.

That’s right. The amount of slaves sent to North America is actually just shy of 4% of the total amount of slaves sent to the New World. It is speculated that 60-70 thousand more African slaves made it to the United States after landing in the Caribbean. With these slaves included the number goes up about 450,000 slaves in the U.S., or just about 4.2% of all slaves taken to the Americas.

Molyneux also touches on the significance of the Islamic slave trade.

“The Islamic slave trade is estimated to have murdered over 112 million blacks. Did you know that 80% of blacks shipped to the Islamic slave markets died along the way?”

“Most of the American slaves could marry and have families. Most of the Islamic slaves were castrated and any children born to them were killed at birth.”

“Over 1 million white, Christian, Europeans were abducted and enslaved by Muslims. That is more than the number of blacks enslaved by white, American Christians.”

Now, life as a slave anywhere is obviously not very glamorous. But, comparatively, life as a slave in the United States was miles better than life as a slave in any Islamic countries. Not to mention the quality of life for slaves in South America whose death rates dwarfed the US’ death rates.

He concludes:

“Did you know that decade, after decade, after decade, whites fought, and bribed, and bought, and threatened the entire world to put an end to the barbaric and evil practice of slavery which has existed for as long as human beings have existed?”

“So, very few whites owned slaves, whites ended slavery around the world, but now, only whites are criticized for slavery.”

“Tell me, just curious, is there any movement in Africa to demand reparations for the 140 million blacks enslaved and the 110 million murdered by the Islamic slave trade? Are black activists pounding tables and chanting ‘No justice! No peace!” in the white-robed court of the Saudi king? Of course not. It’s not even mentioned.”

Why is it that the blame is placed all on the group that had the least to do with starting slavery and most to do with ending it? Why does no one talk about the group who murdered the majority of their slaves and even continues to practice slavery today, well into the 21st century?