Why do Feminists always draw themselves to look thinner?


Intersectional Feminists believe that all body types are healthy and should be empowered.

Specifically, they believe that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being obese/fat, and they demand representation for fat people in TV shows, movies, comics and video games.

They rally against what they call “unrealistic body standards“, and claim that “real women have curves“.

So why is it that every time Feminists cartoonize or draw themselves, they always make themselves look thinner and smaller?

The same people who campaign against “sexist” female characters always make sure to shed 10kg to 30kg off of their weight, fix their skin and make themselves look completely unrepresentative of reality whenever they draw themselves.

Think I’m joking?

The image on the left below is Anita Sarkeesian’s Avatar on her website:


Here’s what she looks like in real life:


The animated picture beside Anita in the previous image, is that of “Carolyn Petit”, Anita’s co-worker.

Here’s what she looks like in real life:


You can’t make this up.

You really can’t:


Granted, Carolyn is a trans woman and probably suffers from body and self-confidence issues, so I’m going to give her a pass.

What’s Anita’s excuse?

There’s more.

This is the online Avatar of Randi Lee Harper; a Twitter Feminist who has mastered the art of victim-hood and virtue signaling:


Here she is in her natural habitat:


Here’s a full body cartoon image Randi drew of herself:


Here’s an actual full body image of her:


I believe you all know Zoe Quinn.

Here’s her online Avatar:


Here she is in real life:


Here’s Brianna Wu’s online Avatar:

OMG so hot:


Real life:


Brianna Wu’s delusions do no match her reality:


Up next is Rachelle Abellar, Feminist frequency’s design coordinator:

Here’s a side by side comparison of her online avatar VS a picture of her in real life:


Finally, here’s Ashley Lynch; another hypocritical Twitter Feminist:


In every one of these pictures, these “strong independent women” drew themselves to look thinner (and better looking) than they actually are.

Is it that they don’t think they are actually fat? Are these Avatars how they see themselves?

If these Feminist women truly support a body positive image, then why are they ashamed to represent their true bodies?

Just another example of Feminist double-think.

One Reddit user explains the phenomenon quite well:

“The reason they hate attractive women is because women are still petty about their looks. They are aware that biologically, their main currency is still their ability to attract a mate & successfully reproduce as a means to insure a steady supply of resources from that mate.

Because 100 years of contemporary civilization hasn’t over written millions of years of evolved hard-wired psychology.

They are so insecure about it that they will not just attack actual women who are more sexually attractive then they are, they will attack fictional characters who are more attractive then they are.

When they have their own “sexy” cartoon avatars, it’s literally their insecurity coming to play. They drag down women who are prettier to try to make themselves feel better, this is the same. They tear down fictional pretty women, so the fictional woman who portrays them can be the prettiest fictional woman. It’s actually kind of sad.