What “Cuck” means and why you should be offended by it


A cuck, short for “Cuckold” is a man who enjoys watching another man having sex with his wife, or at least that’s what it used to mean before the Internet took hold of it. The original meaning comes from the Cuckoo bird, famous for using other bird’s nests to lay its eggs. More than 120 species of birds can be tricked to raise young cuckoos as their own, according to research by biologists .The term’s rise to fame on the internet can be attributed to 4chan, specifically, its /pol/ (Political incorrect) board. The new meaning however does not stray far from its official meaning; on the contrary, it simple builds on it. Online, the term is used as a pejorative for a man who is considered to have “sold out” or who sacrifices his dignity for female approval.

The first instance of the usage of the term goes as far back as the Gamergate controversy. After Eron Gjoni published the “Zoe post” detailing how his then girlfriend Zoe Quinn had been sleeping with video games journalists in exchange for good reviews of her games. In the eyes of 4chan, this was typical cuck behavior. Later on, 4chan users begun referring to comedian Louis C.K as “Louis cuck King” and accompanied it with criticism of his stand-up routine which they interpreted as being anti-white or promoting cuckoldry.

Even 4chan’s founder Moot (Real name-Christopher Poole) wasn’t safe from the meme after photographs of a female friend of his were discovered with another man. It didn’t help that he begun deleting threads on the /pol/ board that made reference to the word “cuck” and banning users for posting photo shopped images of him getting cuckolded. The mass thread deletions merely enraged the users more and led to an exodus to the newly formed 8chan alternative. Further accusations of Moot being a cuck took ground around the time the Gamergate controversy happened. 4chan and its moderators had made it clear that all discussions related to video game ethics or corruption in the video games industry were off bounds and would get taken down. Moot himself grew disenfranchised with the 4chan fan base as a whole and later sold it to 2chanell founder, Hiroyuki Nishimura.

It’s easy to see why “cuck’ is such an effective insult. It’s a byword for needlessly relinquished manliness. For selling out and caving in. The original metaphor of watching your partner getting slammed by another man now simply means abandoned principles and a lack of backbone. As Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos points out, semantic shifts like this happen all the time. “Hooligan” used to refer to the Irish drunks, “vandal” was about Germans and the phrase “hip hip hooray” comes from an old European shepherd’s herding cry that in 1819 started to be used as a call-to-arms for Hebrew-hunting in the Jewish ghettos. And so the term “cuck” is here and here to stay for good. In this age of falling masculinity and gynocentrism, it is no surprise that the word has become so famous. Male feminists and others like them are the primary targets of this new glorious meme. Perhaps the reason it is so effective is because it makes fun of the thing man value the most, their manhood. The meme reaches down deep into their hearts and exposes them for the beta male weaklings they are. The meme has further grown into an alternative meme, “cuckservative” meant to ridicule conservatives who are seen as being “too liberal” or insufficiently conservative.