Website helps women fake pregnancy tests


The website offers fake pregnancy tests and fake sonograms from as low as $20 and up to $50, depending on where you live. The website also offers fake ultrasounds, fake DNA tests (to convince a man that a child is his even if its not), fake pregnancy documents and fake pregnancy bellies.

The owners of the website claim their products are meant for pranking purposes and as a joke, but the men who have fallen victim to this probably aren’t laughing.

The scam is simple. A woman you’re currently dating provides you with documents they received from this website, claiming that they are pregnant and you are the father. If you’re not ready to have child, they take a considerable large sum of money from you for their supposed abortion, keep the money, and then move on to their next target.

The website has also been used by women to blackmail their boyfriends into staying in relationships. Inside edition spoke with a woman identified as Danielle, who admits she used materials from the website to convince her boyfriend she was pregnant in an effort to save their relationship.

“I faked my baby,” Danielle told Inside Edition’s Chief Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero. “I faked a pregnancy.”

Danielle’s boyfriend, Mark, took the bait.

“There was a document from a local hospital stating she’s pregnant,” Mark said.

The website’s sonograms and paperwork all say “for entertainment purposes only,” but Danielle showed Inside Edition how easy it is to cut off the label.

“I knew that if I told him the truth that he’d probably walk away and I didn’t want to lose him,” she said, fighting tears.

Mark is not alone. Inside Edition found other men that say they had been fooled.

Eric Nevel of State College, Pennsylvania, said his ex-girlfriend used a sonogram and documents from to con him into proposing. He said that he even spent thousands of dollars to lease a new house big enough for the “three” of them.

“I was very convinced she was pregnant,” he told Inside Edition. “She played me like a fiddle.”

Her lie finally came crashing down when Nevel says he discovered an email from on her computer, he said.

Dr. Rebecca Brightman, a Manhattan OBGYN said the ultrasounds and documents provided by the site look very convincing to the untrained eye.

“I don’t think it’s funny,” she said. “It’s really scary. The more I delved into this myself, the more I realized how this is really set up for abuse.” did not return multiple requests for comment by Inside Edition.