Website helps you calculate how many camels your girlfriend is worth, so you don’t get ripped off by Middle Eastern dudes


Have you ever wanted to sell your girlfriend to a Saudi prince but couldn’t go ahead with the transaction because you had no way of determining her worth in camel currency (Brokerage firms don’t tend to offer these service)? Well despair no more… the Internet has come to your rescue. A “Camel Calculator” is now available online for men and woman to ascertain the true worth of their significant others. This service isn’t only for men, women can use it to ascertain the camel value of their boyfriends too.

On visiting the page, you are asked to select your boyfriend/girlfriend’s gender:

Next, you have to provide information about him/her: Age, height, hair color (Blonde black, brown, etc), hair length, eye color (blue, green, brown, grey), boob size and figure (thin, sporty, normal, chubby, fat) and then hit “calculate”:

For women trying to ascertain the value of their boyfriends, input his age, height, hair color (blond, brown, back, etc), eye color, beard style and body build. Then click “calculate”:

And then….


Congratulations, you now know how many camels your significant other is worth, you can finally go ahead and sell them on ebay to someone in the middle east.

Visit the website HERE