Watch the WHITE GUILT Video Shown to Virginia High School Students


It’s being called the “unequal opportunity race,” and it demonstrates the supposed advantages or “privileges” that white people, according to the makers of the video, have that other races and ethnicities do not have available to them. Throughout the video, we see that the two black people engaged in the race experience thunderstorms while the two white people who are merely a few meters away experience a sunny day (a scientific impossibility), which according to the video symbolizes “discrimination.” They are also exposed to tarred and deadly roads (symbolizing poor education, apparently), one of them falls into a ditch (underemployment), they have to swim through a pool full of sharks (standardized tests), one of them gets locked in a cage (school to prison pipeline – whatever that means), and yet another black person in the race has to take a drug test (racial profiling). The last remaining black person in the race finally comes face to face with a giant brick wall. The two white athletes however are seen sailing through the race with no difficulties and ultimately winning.

Remember that this is being shown to high school children. Of course feminists and social justice warriors all over the internet are hailing the video as a enlightened metaphor and representation of the current state of our society and race relations. The parents however were having none of it. After several angry letters to the school’s administration, they finally realized that the teachers weren’t joking around, and decided to issue an apology.


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