Watch: CNN cuts feed after Bernie Sanders jokingly refers to them as “fake news”


CNN is a multi-billion news network with state of the art technology and some of the best production material that the world has to offer. So why is it that whenever someone goes on CNN to say something that they don’t like, they immediately start losing their video or audio feed?

Senator Bernie sanders was on CNN yesterday to discuss how Donald Trump planned to handle sanctions with the Russian government.

The interviewer showed Bernie sanders a short interview of Trump responding to a recent report that suggested that a member of his administration may have been in talks with Russia before his inauguration. Trump denied any knowledge about the topic, to which the interviewer asked Bernie Sanders if that was a problem.

“I don’t know, maybe he has been watching CNN fake news, what do you think?” Sanders said.

He went on to clarify that it was a joke.

That’s when CNN mysteriously lost contact with him.