Virtue signalling THOT patrolled on Elon Musk’s Twitter account


It is said that if the average Social Justice Warrior goes a day without signaling to everyone how virtuous she is, her head enlarges and then explodes. I mean, how can anyone consider them-self a productive member of society if he/she doesn’t constantly dictate to others how THEY (not him/her) can make the word a better place?

Elon Musk recently took to Twitter to celebrate the recent Falcon 9 rocket launch (SpaceX’s last rocket launch of 2017), while hinting at another rocket launch set to take place in January of 2018. One virtu-signalling THOT in her infinite wisdom decided to confront her and demand that he spend HIS money on more important things:

As can be expected, this did not go on well for her. Elon didn’t even need to step in to defend himself.

Thot patrolling is easy, anyone can do it. Enjoy:

And now get ready for some deflection and other thot tactics.

Evidently it doesn’t work, and a clear winner emerges:

Thot Status: PATROLLED.