Viral cyclist video was faked and scripted


A video went viral online this week of a female cyclist delivering “justice” to a male van-driver who catcalled her.

The video, which was shared and praised by several Feminist websites as an act of justice, has been removed from Facebook after it was revealed to have been scripted. The people featured in the video were all paid actors.

The video, which had amassed nearly 10 million views before being deleted, showed a female cyclist receiving sexist verbal abuse from a van driver. The female cyclist then chased him down before tearing off his wing mirror after he had coincidentally pulled up a hundred metres later.

Viral Thread, the company behind the video, took it down after people began asking questions about the authenticity of the video.

Cycling weekly reports that several people who witnessed the video being filmed, were interviewed, and testified to it being scripted. Companies that had previously been interested in using the video in a marketing scheme begun to distant themselves from its creators.

By Wednesday afternoon, the Sun had spoken to a builder who had witnessed the video being filmed, saying that he had seen the people in the video discussing what they were going to do.
“I was across the road having a break and I saw this very attractive girl with a bike talking to a blonde guy who was giving her instructions,” Scott Deane told the paper.
“Then three guys dressed in orange site clothes turned up in a van and the blonde bloke was giving them instructions too. He was telling the girl: ‘You need to ride behind the van aggressively’.
“They practised the scene two or three times with the motorbike riding behind them. You could see there was already damage to the wing mirror, it was loose.”
Jungle Creations, which according to the Guardian was asking for fees of between £150 and £400 from publications wishing to use the video, then issued a statement on its website admitted that the video may have been staged.
“It’s come to our attention that a video distributed on our Facebook channel Viral Thread on 21st February 2017 may be factually incorrect.
“Contrary to reports, we want to make clear that Jungle Creations was in no way involved in the making or production of this video. The video was received from a third-party content provider and was distributed on Viral Thread by Jungle Creations under the impression that it portrayed real-life events.”

The company is also carrying out an investigation, after which sanctions would probably be placed on the creators of the video. They might start losing some advertisement deals.

The company, which describes itself as the “sixth most-viewed media company in the world”, said that it has started an internal investigation into the distribution of the video.
“We rigorously vet all content received from third parties to ascertain its credibility, but unfortunately our usual high standards were not met on this video.
“Jungle Creations is committed to ensuring and protecting the integrity of content on its channels and we take matters of this nature extremely seriously.
“We have since commenced an internal investigation to ensure that it does not happen again. The video has now been removed from all Jungle Creations social media channels and we wholeheartedly apologise for confusion caused.”

If I had a dollar every time a Feminist hoax was debunked, I’d be a billionaire right now.

Number of days since Feminists last made up a fake story to justify their worldview: 0.

A re-upload of the video can be watched below: