Video: aims to capitalize on YouTube sh*tting the bed


Following YouTube’s new “terms of service” update that saw several YouTubers lose monetization status on their videos,, one of YouTube close competitors uploaded a video on their front page, that can only be described as a “Fuck You” to YouTube. The video  zooms in on the statue of liberty with the US national anthem playing in the background, whils their message is displayed on the screen.

“Give us your fucking profanity” the message reads.

“Your goddamn sexual humor. Your huddled masses yearning to post freely. Start your fucking awesome channel today”

Simple, short, but effective.

The video:

The video already has over a million views, and its receiving thousands more every minute.

“ doesn’t censor content for bad language or controversial subject matter. We like weird.” The website posted on Reddit.

The move seems to be working too, as seems to have gained more new users in the past 24 hours than any other day since the site was formed.