Video: Anita Sarkeesian slapped by New York Police officer


A video has surfaced online, showing self described “Video games critic”, Anita Sarkeesian, getting slapped by a new York Police officer.

The incident apparently occurred following a confrontation between Feminists and a Men’s right group at a “rape culture retreat” at the Columbia University. Feminists had hosted the event to spread awareness about “rape culture” and “toxic masculinity” and the school’s men’s right chapter decided to protest it.

Anita Sarkeesian was a guest speaker at the event.

In the video, Anita sarkeesian can be seen walking from the stage where she was giving her speech, towards the police officer, motioning for him to take care of the MRA protesters shouting from outside the event room through the windows. The protesters were holding “rape culture isn’t real” signs and chanting “Feminazi go home”

Anita argued with the police officer for a while, with him stating that he cannot throw out the protesters, because they have a right to free speech….. Or something (This part of the video isn’t very audible).

Not liking his answer, she begun screaming at the officer, throwing her hands at him recklessly and violently. The police officer tried to escape her arms, but she kept pushing forward.

And then BAM, right in the face.

Anita is reportedly suing the police department, but its very unlikely that she’ll win. Keep in mind that she was the one who resorted to violence first, the police officer was acting in self defense.

watch the video below:

(Video courtesy of the Verge)

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