satirizes “YouTube Heroes” program in most hilarious way


A few days ago, YouTube launched the “YouTube Heroes” program. The program seeks to recruit people to join its team, who wish to offer community services on YouTube for free, in exchange for points. Members of the YouTube Heroes program would be able to, depending on their rank in the program, contact YouTube staff, test new features before release and ………. mass report and flag YouTube videos. The program actually offers people Internet point in exchange for reporting “Offensive” videos. I can’t see this getting abused at all.

Here’s the video announcing the program. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it before we get to

The fact that the video currently has 680,000+ dislikes against less than 20,000 likes should alone tell you what people think of it (Comments are disabled for the video of course).

Although several million users behind YouTube, is considered as one of YouTube’s few competitors. When YouTube introduced its new terms of service update a few weeks ago, uploaded a video satirizing the move, asking users to bring them all the profanity that YouTube doesn’t want. This of course led to seeing a boost in its user registration. In a similar fashion, upload a video satirizing YouTube’s heroes program. The video seems to imply that YouTube is some kind of bot/emotionless program, trying desperately to look human – which is exactly what YouTube’s heroes program looks like. Enjoy: