Twitter unverifies users with unpopular views while literal terrorists remain verified


Twitter rolled out new policies this week that saw several users with “controversial” views either banned completely from the website or having their verification status removed. According to the new policies the companies rolled out this week, the blue-check mark usually displayed on the accounts of famous people will now be removed if they are found guilty of hate speech on or off the platform.

That’s right, on or off the platform. Twitter will now monitor what users do when they are not online, and punish them online when they do things in real life that the Twitter support™ deems inappropriate. From the Twitter support page:

Twitter reserves the right to remove verification at any time without notice.

Reasons for removal may reflect behaviors on and off Twitter that include:

  • Intentionally misleading people on Twitter by changing one’s display name or bio.
  • Promoting hate and/or violence against, or directly attacking or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. Supporting organizations or individuals that promote the above.
  • Inciting or engaging in harassment of others.
  • Violence and dangerous behavior
    • Directly or indirectly threatening or encouraging any form of physical violence against an individual or any group of people, including threatening or promoting terrorism
    • Violent, gruesome, shocking, or disturbing imagery
    • Self-harm, suicide
  • Engaging in activity on Twitter that violates the Twitter Rules.

Censoring “hate speech” is cool and all, except the way “hate speech” is interpreted apparently only applies to users with right-wing/ libertarian/ anti-feminist views, according to the way the policy has been implemented. Meanwhile, Islamist extremist organizations like The Muslim brother remains verified:

Fun fact: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader received a life sentence last year, which was upheld on Wednesday by an Egyptian court for his role in violence that broke out in the Egypt last year.

I mean, if we are un-verifying people for harassment, then why does this guy still have a blue tick?:

Oh, and these guys haven’t been un-verified either. Go figure: