Twitter mocks woman who wants to do away with science with #Sciencemustfall


Just a couple of hours ago, we published an article about a woman who wanted to do away with science because it doesn’t recognize black magic.

After publishing the article, we came across a longer version of the video and there’s been a bit of an update, so consider yourself UPDATED.

The woman has been revealed as a student of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga(Cape Town, South Africa) and she identifies as a “fallist”

In the video, she argues that science is a “product of Western modernity” and needs to be “done away with entirely” and “start over again.”

Full video:

Of course, people on twitter weren’t taking any of her shit: The hashtag #Sciencemustfall begun trending soon after and hilarity ensued. It is unclear whether the SJWs started the hashtag themselves or if the people mocking them did, but the people mocking them definitely dominated it: