TV Show introduces “Queer Muslim Feminist” to prove that Muslims are tolerant, guess how Muslims reacted on Twitter


“The Bold type” is a new TV Show airing on Freeform (A network owned by Disney-ABC), that follows the story of several women and their dream to create and own their own global women’s magazine. 6 episodes of the show have aired so far, with titles such as “The Breast Issue”, “The woman behind the clothes” and “No Feminism in the champagne room”.

Marketing itself as a social justice show, The Bold type has, in the few episodes that have aired so far, given commentary on topics such as immigration, racial profiling and Internet Trolls. The show decided to become even more “progressive”, with the addition of Adena, a Muslim Photographer.

In one scene, Adena is explaining why the hijab is not oppressive to women, but rather empowers them. In another, she is approached by a white male who shouts obscenities at her; “I think your towel-head friend here should speak English or go back to wherever she came from” the man tells Adena’s walking companion.

But because the Victim Olympics is a marathon, not a sprint, and nothing is ever enough, the show’s creators decided to make Adena even more “progressive”, by writing her to be a lesbian. In the fourth episode of the show, Adena’s lesbianism is revealed as she is seen engaging in a kiss with Kat Edison, the social media director for the women’s magazine.

As is to be expected, online tabloids like Cosmopolitan, Bustle, NowThis, are already praising the show for challenging stereotypes and highlighting how progressive and accepting of queers the Muslim community is. NowThis specifically did one of their shot video presentations, where they highlighted comments from supposed Muslim lesbians who loved the show and its portrayal of Muslim queers.

Knowing full well how this was going to go down, I decided to pay a visit to NowThis’s Twitter account, to see how their Muslim followers were taking the news.


I promise you, these comments are not cherry-picked or taken out of context. Visit NowThis’s post to see the fun for yourself.

This whole thing reminds me of this: