Tumblrina asks Reddit to roast her, but they give her life-changing advice instead


Have you ever been so miserable that even Internet assholes felt sorry for you? This was the reality for one unnamed 16 year old teenager who asked Reddit’s r/roastme to ridicule her. The user fits the profile of your average Tumblrina; fat, self-hatred, colored hair, etc. In the post, she said she was 16 years old, hated life, and wanted to be roasted.

You’d expect Redditors to jump on her and tear her apart, but she just wasn’t worth ripping into. They decided to give her life changing advice instead. Users begun to give her dietary and motivational advice. “You can keep wallowing in your self pity and making excuses. Or you can realize that, for probably the first time in your life, you can DO something about it. Everything changes once your attitude changes” One user said. Another wrote “I just can’t. You are on the wrong sub. You need positive thoughts and feelings, and a way to get better”:

However, not everyone was down with giving advice and motivation.

She still got ripped into:


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