Tumblr is an Asylum for the Mentally Ill.


If you have spent any amount of time on the internet, then you have most likely visited or at least heard of the social networking site “Tumblr.” What you may not know is that Tumblr is filled with people who can only accurately be described as “The most cancerous people to have ever been on the same website.” From third wave and self-described “radical feminists,” to vegans, radical LBGT activists, otherkin, individuals with over 300 genders/sexualities and annoying vegetarians, Tumblr is the best argument for why we need another genocide. It’s like God picked all the most annoying people on the internet and placed them all on one website; a containment facility of sorts, an asylum. In short, Tumblr is where the internet keeps its mentally ill and insane people; not to be confused for 4chan, where it keeps its assholes and trouble makers. The difference being that the people on 4chan are perfectly sane people; they just choose to be assholes. Tumblr on the other hand, couldn’t be reasonable even if their lives depended on it.

One of the benefits of the asylum that is Tumblr is that sane people on the internet can browse the net safely without fear of coming into contact with these psychos. Sure, every once in a while, you’ll meet one of them in a YouTube comment or see a post from Buzzfeed’s Facebook that is just as cancerous as what you see on Tumblr, but remember – it could always be worse. On the other hand, it could be argued that this asylum may not have been a good idea. By taking the most insane people on the internet and placing them all on one website, we may be breeding more insane ones and making the insane ones even more insane. Instead of keeping them among normal peopleand letting them interact with the hopes that the normal apples would have a positive effect on the bad ones and perhaps change those of them that can be changed, we have chosen to ostracize them instead. Now the bad apples are in company with other bad apples that may suffer from different viral diseases. The apples plagued with germs will transfer their germs to the other ones, the ones with viruses will infect other ones with their viruses and the apples that taste bad with make others taste bad.

Imagine a vegan pansexual feminist who identifies as nonbinary and has 6 headmates, who is an LGBT “poet,” identifies as Pagan or Wicca and believes she is reincarnated from Hitler. This is what Tumblr is breeding; a unique type of special snowflake complete and inbuilt with every cancerous identity imaginable-who also bullies people (as we’ve seen people on Tumblr do so frequently). In October of 2015, Tumblr users successfully mounted a hate and harassment campaign against an artist for fan art she did of the television show “Steven Universe.” According to them, some of her art was “fat shaming” (she had drawn a fat character skinnier than the depiction in the show) and racist (they never explained which art was racist and how). Within a few days, they had created tens of blogs which doxxed her, and posted her information like where she lived, her contact information and how to contact her relatives online. She deleted her blog and decided to commit suicide. Luckily, her parents were contacted and she was stopped before she could go ahead with her plan.

Earlier on that same year, they participated in a campaign against hip hop rapper “Tyler the Creator” for some of his lyrics which they considered to be misogynistic, and succeeded in getting him banned from entering Australia (good job, Australian government). Considering how overweight most Tumblr users are, you would expect that they would be more accepting towards people who made food. However around April of 2015, Tumblr users, among others, attacked a bakery shop who they accused of “homophobia” for refusing to cater to gay weddings. The bakery’s website was spammed with several gore images and their telephone lines were prank called until the bakery had to deactivate them and ultimately close down a few days later. Back in 2014, a conservative blogger who goes by the name “Communismkills” was doxxed by Tumblr users for writing a poem which according to them was racist. They managed to get her fired from her workplace by mass reporting her to her employees, her personal information was posted online and several of the culprits responsible reportedly bought items online with her credit card which they also managed to gain access to.

These are but a few things Tumblr has done in the past years, all in the name of Justice. If I was to write an article detailing every harassment campaign Tumblr has planned and carried out, there wouldn’t be enough online space to host all the data. These aren’t activists or brave people; these are cretinous annoying parasites who have dedicated their lives to ruining lives all under the guise of advocating social justice. And the fact that there are so many of them of the same website just makes them more dangerous. “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.”