Top 5 Rape Hoaxes In recent years


Rape hysteria is on the rise, especially on American college campuses. Feminists, desperate to prove that a rape culture exists have gone out of their way to believe and bring to public notice any small or made up incident that could count as sexual assault in a sad, but deliberate attempt to prove that there is a huge conspiracy to rape women in the west. Here is a recap of the five of the most outrageous rape hoaxes to happen in recent years.

  1. Emma Sulkowicz the mattress girl:

Emma, a final year student of Columbia University claimed she had been raped by her then boyfriend (name withheld), the university disciplinary board investigated the situation and found no signs of any wrong doing. This was however not enough for Emma, who decided to go on a series of protests where she carried her mattress everywhere she went on campus. She then proceeded to base her final year project on the controversy, a project that had several feminist hailing her as a brave “anti-rape” activist. It’s worth noting that she released a porn video featuring herself and another man a few months later.

  1. The gang rape on campus that never happened:

Rolling stone’s Sabrina Rubin penned an article claiming she had been approached by a college girl who narrated tales of a lurid alleged gang rape which she claimed to have experienced. Immediately, hundreds of self-identified feminists both on and off campus went on a purging campaign demanding answers and sorority houses shut down until the people responsible were brought to justice. This of course blew up in their faces when her story didn’t hold up to scrutiny as discrepancies were found in it. Rolling stone later offered a retraction and an apology, although they refused to fire the reporter involved.

  1. Please beat me up so I can accuse you of rape:

According to the daily caller, In February 2013, Morgan Triplett, 20, visited the university of California, Santa Cruz for a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) conference. While there, she claimed she had been raped in broad daylight on the Santa Cruz campus. Triplett’s story was a hoax. The bizarre truth is that she successfully used craigslist to locate a stranger who agreed to beat her up in exchange for sex. Triplett met her unnamed mangler in Santa Cruz. He beat her up. They had sex. She used a cellphone screen reflection as a mirror to see if the injuries were sufficient. She then dialed 911 and informed the police that she had been raped.

  1. Accusing Innocent people of rape raises awareness for rape:

At least to Mindy Brickman, they do. Back in 1991, Princeton University student Mindy brickman falsely accused a fellow student of raping her. She libeled the student by spreading her claim through conventions around campus. Interestingly, however, she chose not to press any criminal charges. Once her story fell apart, she wrote an apology and said that her accusations were aimed at raising awareness for victims of sexual assault. She noted that she had never once even talked to this man.

  1. Meg Lanker Simons rapes herself:

In April 2013, University of Wyoming student Meg Lanker Simons posted a rape threat directed at herself on Facebook. The vile post by Meg read:

“I want to hatefuck meg Lanker Simmons so bad. That chick that runs her liberal mouth all the time and doesn’t care who knows it. One night with me and she’ll be a good Republican bitch.”

There was a big feminist rally at the school to protest the threats. Police investigated the incident, quickly determining that she posted the message on her computer while it was in her possession. She eventually pleaded no contest to charges of interfering with a police investigation and paid a small fine.