Top 10 Anti-Feminist YouTubers


I won’t deny that in the past feminism made some great strides in equality and civil rights in first world countries. Today however, it is nothing more than a sexist ideology that people use to cover up their hatred like a cushion covering a stain on the couch. Despite what feminists will have you believe, it is not a movement of equality and acceptance for all. Here are ten YouTubers who fight the good fight and tell you just why and how feminism is corrupting society today.

10. Vernaculis

A newbie on the scene, Vernaculis is slowly garnering followers and views with his desire to produce thought-provoking content that tries to break down his opponents into nothing more than drooling babies. Unapologetically an anti-feminist, he touches on all the SJW topics we know and love including feminism, privilege, race, and their general ideologies. I think he lost his face in a bet with the Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz – Scarecrow might have got the head, but I think Vernaculis kept the brains.

Video to start with:
A Question a Day Keeps Buzzfeed Away

It’s like he took the answers right out of my mouth. Vernaculis decided to answer the questions ALL women have for ALL men posed by BuzzfeedYellow. You know that because it’s Buzzfeed, these are going to be some top quality questions.

9. Bearing

It’s nice to know that a SJW haven such as Australia can still produce some top quality blokes that you just want to introduce to your mates around the barbie! Bearing is actually the youngest YouTuber on this list, but has already gained over forty thousand followers, probably something to do with his sexy accent and high quantity of videos for such a short life. Bearing is best known for taking a video posted by a feminist and giving his own unique and humorous commentary on them and their double standards, or just plain ignorance. My only criticism of Bearing is his cultural appropriation – STOP STEALING OUR CULTURE BROWN BEAR! YOU’RE NOT A KOALA!

Video to start with:
Schools raped by feminists – crazy feminism brainwashing classes
What has my country come to? I know we’re a nation of nomads and convicts, but I thought we at least had some pride. Bearing talks about a recent feminist class forced onto teenagers in high school.

8. Undoomed

While I’m not sure what happened to his face, I can only imagine it melted after listening to too many feminist arguments. Standing tall and slender, this man brings forth a slew of feminist arguments to take apart like a child breaking down their Lego car when playtime is over. He is perhaps most well known for his popular segment ‘This is your brain on feminism.’ It is every bit as juicy as you might think.

Video to start with:
This is your brain on feminism: Laci Green Derp. Episode 11. [My version]
THINGS AREN’T FUNNY UNLESS I SAY THEY ARE!!! One of our favourite feminist YouTubers,  Laci Green, is in Undoomed’s spotlight today, and her words are sweeter then honey made of tar and gasoline.

7. Mister Metokur

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Mister Metokur is the revival of previous YouTuber InternetAristocrat. An avid fan of gaming, he was a big name in the Gamergate controversy. InternetArisocrat killed himself when after months of effort in Gamergate, no change was made. He was sick of the hypocrites, and sick of the abuse he suffered because of his views. However just like ‘Liv Moore, he had been scratched by the zombie known as SJW-hatred, and rose from the grave like an eighteen year old boy’s trousers during his first visit to a strip club. His videos (both past and present) focus on gaming, Gamergate, Tumblr, feminism and our favourite SJW’s.

Video to start with: (If you have the time)
Hallowed Halls: Dalhousie University
Everyone remember the Dalhousie University controversy last year? I didn’t until I saw this video. These students might as well have been a KFC bucket of chicken filled with gravy considering the way these feminists went after them. In this video, Mister Metokur decides to break down the shitstorm and point out the completely reasonable demands and accusations that feminists and the media presented.

6. MundaneMatt

Even though I cannot agree with his love of Adam Sandler, I agree wholeheartedly with his hatred of third-wave feminism. Not only is he a cis white male, but also a gamer and proud advocate of gun rights. Basically, he’s a feminist’s worst nightmare. He likes to give a critical analysis of SJW news and is not afraid to admit when he’s made a mistake, which makes him a very reliable source for all anti-feminist information. You’ll find him informative, educated and level headed. While he used to hide his face, when someone attempted to blackmail him, he decided to reveal himself and take the potential damage rather than stop producing the videos we love. Boss.

Video to start with:
WTF is Women Against Feminism?
It’s not just angry men rejecting this movement. MundaneMatt brings out the big guns when he decides to bring up the idea that women hate feminists too.




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