The Top 10 Anti-Feminist Females on the Internet

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This is a follow up to our last anti-feminist list. People complained about the lack of certain names, about some names being more deserving then others, blah blah. So we’re here to talk about the true heroes. The females who defied their gender to tell the truth. They have faced harassment, discrimination, abuse, and been underĀ generalĀ attack for their beliefs. Perhaps they believe in actual equality, egalitarianism, or simply disagreed with feminism. Either way, they have taken a stance against the misandry that plagues so many SJWs today. These are the women who help prove that it’s not just men crying out; ladies have the feels too…..


10. Jaclyn Glenn

02. Jaclyn GlennIf a woman does a Playboy shoot, is she validating her femininity by doing what she wants with her body, or oppressing women by encouraging the devil’s magazine? This is a question that when posed to feminists will cause them to self destruct from the logic trip. Jaclyn is an anti-feminist who has made notoriety for her atheist views, friendship with the prophet Richard Dawkins, and accusations of plagiarism. Honestly though, I don’t care about that shit. What I care about is that she hates feminists. She is a highly viewed star, and is not ashamed that many of these fans are there for her body. This alone has caused many feminists to hate her, because a woman taking advantage of her body is encouraging misogyny, unless of course it’s to further the feminist cause. This distinction is a hard one which only a feminist can decide upon. Needless to say, despite why she’s famous, or what she has or hasn’t done, Jaclyn is one of the most well known anti-feminists you can find.

9. Helen Smith

10. Helen Smith
A Forensic Psychologist, she’s almost as smart as I am. Don’t ask what qualifications I have though, we don’t have the bandwidth to list them all. Helen deals largely with troubled kids and adults, and assists in numerous court cases. I believe it is this close-and-personal relationship with criminals and douche bags that helped shape her views today towards feminism: That it’s fucking stupid. When she’s not telling kids to get off WOW, she’s posting on her personal blog, where she likes to write about how feminism is a load of polony. “Don’t you mean baloney?” Don’t you want to have my foot up your arse? Exactly. As well as writing her blog, Helen is also an author who has written books criticizing the hatred and scrutiny directed towards men today. It’s a pity that someone so educated decided to pursue Law and not Gender Studies

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8. Janet Bloomfield

09. Janet Bloomfield
What a goddamn, mother-fucking judgy bitch. Offended? Shouldn’t be – That’s what she calls herself. Janet runs the JudgyBitch website, posting regular articles about the fallacies of feminism. I’m tempted to call her an MRA, but I’m still trying to track down a source of her claiming this herself. Ah fuck it, Janet is a strong MRA, who seems to believe in the old fashioned family values our grandparents grew up with. Along with her website, she shares these views on her YouTube channel. She’s a happily married mother. It’s refreshing to think about how these children will grow up to contribute to society rather than complain about how there aren’t enough women scientists while at the same time studying Astrology. Recently Janet wrote a book titled FeminISN’T, in which she critiques feminism and the negative attention towards men’s rights.

7. Monica Edwards (Miss Misanthropist)

08. Monica Edwards

Monica Edwards is better known by her Internet handle, Miss Misanthropist. Lets break down this word for a minute. MISanthropy. Trust a woman to put her bias on hating the greatest species in the universe. Monica runs the YouTube channel and blog MissMisanthropist, where she presents her views on modern day feminism. These views stem from logic, as well as researched sources, and are made to explain why feminists today are destroying society. She is a believer in true equality, not handouts based on gender. Monica is also a published author. You have the choice between her chose your own adventure book based on the experiences of the scum of the universe, white cis males who attend colleges, or the type of book women buy for $2 from a second hand store and aren’t afraid to openly read on a bus, even though any self respecting person would be. Basically porn without pictures. I’m not saying it’s bad though, you’ll have to read it yourself to judge. Monica understands the privilege that males, especially white, straight males have in modern society: None.


6. Cathy Young

07. Cathy YoungCathy Young heralds from Russia, which as we all know treats all women like queens who deserve to be worshipped by men. Despite this, she has settled in the cesspit of women’s rights that is America. Cathy is an outspoken anti-feminist who has written for more publications then I have fingers. She has a strong passion for the issue of rape, believing that when we give credence to both false rape accusations and claims of people being raped ‘through stares,’ it takes away from actual rape cases, which are serious and disgusting. This idea of wanting evidence has angered feminists who believe facts are misogynistic. What right do I, a man, have to tell them that the world isn’t square? Do a quick Google search of Cathy to see the numerous literary contributions she has made over the years and continues to make.