It only took five words from Minecraft Creator “Notch” to Trigger The Internet


This story first appeared on Squawker Media.

Early this month 4chan users once again managed to make headlines worldwide when they launched their now infamous “It’s Okay To Be White” campaign. Weeks later it seems the movement and its message are only continuing to pick up steam. Case in point, this message tweeted out just an hour ago by the billionaire creator of Minecraft.

Coming from a normally non political account with just under 4 million followers, it wasn’t long before the triggered masses descended on the page to declare the game maker a vile racist monster, among other more creative insults. To his credit though Markus Persson who prefers to go by his online handle of Notch in most cases, seemed to roll with the attacks quite well. Even personally retweeting a few himself, such as this one here below.

Perhaps most interesting of all though was Notch’s seeming confirmation that his post was indeed inspired directly by the 4chan campaign. As when a user responded with /pol/ has your back. A reference to the politically incorrect subsection of 4chan that the campaign was birthed on. Notch responded with the following:

His response revealing his knowledge of not only 4chan’s /pol/ board but also of its far lesser known and even more controversial cousin over on 8chan. His wording in fact would imply that Notch himself is a more frequent visitor of 8chan, which is often refereed to internally as InfinityChan due to its logo matching that of an infinity symbol. HalfChan in turn being a slightly derogatory way of referring to 4chan that 8Chan members like to use.

It remains to be seen if Minecraft’s current owner Microsoft will feel compelled to comment on the post. As Notch opted to leave the company he founded following its acquisition by Microsoft back in 2014. As more and more outrage continues to come in response to the message however, it’s quite possible the company will eventually be compelled to further distance itself from the games original designer. Of course that would involve Microsoft at least indirectly implying there is in fact something wrong with the statement in question, which very well might have been the real plan all along.