Its time to start joining Facebook Alternatives


The Zucc has done it again. Two large anti-feminist/right-leaning Facebook pages deleted in less than a week, with no explanation or opportunity for recourse given. The straight white capitalist, a libertarian pro-capitalism page with about 75,000 likes got zucced last week, and just yesterday, Disdain for plebs, a conservative (Maybe Alt-right) page got zucced too. In typical Facebook fashion, no reason was given for their deletion.

Oh, and Facebook seems to have escalated their zuccing methods too. They no longer just delete your page and wait for you to create a new one, instead, they also nuke every account associated with the page (so you lose access to any other page(s) you may admin). Nice addition to the censorship arsenal, Zuckerberg. This cunt is bringing an atomic bomb to a fist fight.

Now, to be fair to Facebook, they have been really good to me this year; in fact, I haven’t had a single post of mine removed for going against the terms of service since last year (Strangely enough). I don’t know if I’ve just become better at detecting what sorts of content are zuccable or if they’s giving me a pass.

Either way, with all the recent shit going on, I see no reason to believe that this goodwill from Facebook will continue forever. Chairman Zucc is probably just taking his time to pick us off one by one, and I’ll not waiting around for him to reach my turn. I have had a Twitter account for a while now, but haven’t been very active on it – That’s gonna change. In addition, I have also decided to join two social media alternatives; namely, and .

When Facebook first launched, the first people who joined early (9gag, Cheeseburger, etc) built an empire around it and as Facebook got bigger, so did they. This is a golden opportunity to join a social network in its development state and make a stake for a position in its top ranks. If Gab or Minds blows up, I want to make sure there’s a strong Shitlord presence on it calling the shots. You should too.

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