The Triggering report: Social Justice Warriors blown the f*ck out


About 2 days ago, we announced that an online Campaign, the Triggering, was being planned and for everyone in support of free speech to join fight against political correctness. This comes after a whole year of political correctness, victim hood and censorship. Several people were having their Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr accounts shut down for expressing unpopular opinions. With the rise of Rape hoaxes, wage gap myths, the pushing of feminist rhetoric into movies, Video games and comics books, this day was inevitable.

The idea for The Triggering was first proposed by Rebel media writer, Lauren southern, who herself had been drenched in urine about a week earlier for telling a group of feminist protesters that there were only two gender (Which was factually correct). In defense of free speech, we would all go online and offend some special snowflakes. Offend Social Justice warriors, the same thing we do every day by just existing, but this time, we were taking it to the next level. After our article promoting The Triggering went viral, “We Hunted the Mammoth”, an ultra feminist website described it as “Jerk movement by jerks”. Several readers of the site and other feminists who caught hint of the movement expressed their disgust at the idea and how offensive it was. One user claimed to have been “triggered” by the fact that there were so many assholes on the planet. The Triggering had already begun, a day before it started.

The Triggering was intentionally set to happen on the 9th of march, a day after International women’s day and a day before Osama Bin Laden’s Birthday. The timeline was iconic. Mere minutes after the triggering begun, it was already trending in The United States, canada, The united kingdom, Australia(The shitposting capital of the planet) and several other countries.

the triggering owns tritter

It continued to trend for over 8 hours and gained more momentum with hundreds of tweets being sent per second. Lauren Southern, Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, Breidbart writer Ben Shapiro, Cathy Young, Mike Cernovich, Steven Crowder, Paul Joseph Watson, and several other Internet celebs (It would take me all day to mention them all) took part in the triggering. The hashtag has been used over 100,000 times already at the writing of this article and will most definitely go higher.

Of course, some feminists, offended by the hashtag, decided to out shit post the shitposters.

feminism joins the triggering


feminism joins the triggering blocked later

other feminists were getting offended:

avoid triggering at all cost

Some of them didn’t even engage, they just did the most logical thing they could think of whenever they hear a different opinion: Cover their ears and shout “La la la can’t hear you “:

the triggering clementine ford mute

Having a shitstorm on their hands, Twitter decided to start suppressing the hashtag in an attempt to shut it down. People who searched for the hashtag received no recommendation as they usually do with other hashtags and considering the fact that #Thetriggering was the most trending hashtag for the day, it should have showed up the instant you entered “T” in the search box:

twitter suppressing the triggering

Even one Social justice Warrior admitted that this was a pretty dumb move by twitter:

admit triggering 1

By trying to shut down #TheTriggering, they were proving our point and indirectly justifying the whole purpose of #TheTriggering

triggering made our point for us

Professional Troll Godfrey Elfwick (Not his real name), was live on the scene, fanning the flames:

godfrey troll 1

godfrey troll 2

godfrey triggering cats kek

^^^^^^ He’s not serious by the way. Just a troll that doesn’t know when to stop.

Finally, in the after math, having spent the entire day getting offended by words on the Internet, feminists decided to subscribe to newsletters and emails using Lauren southern’s email address.

triggering suscribed lauren to sites

She’ll probably be receiving thousands of emails from porn sites, craiglist and some other spam sending sites, but it would be totally worth it.

The triggering was a success.


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