There’s a game about Gamergate and Tumblr coming – “#ProjectSOCJUS”


Anomalous Games, an independent video games developer, is currently developing a video game centered around Internet censorship, Gamergate and Tumblr’s Social Justice Warriors. The game, aptly named “Project SOCJUS” features characters referencing 8chan, Reddit and Tumblr.

The year is 2014. Thirty years after 1984, the world is now controlled by SocJus, a totalitarian regime that seeks to impose their vision of equality on society. Anything that opposes their vision is considered “problematic”. Problematic attitudes and behaviors are recorded and policed by SocJus’s enforcers, the Social Justice Warriors – SJWs. When a person becomes too “problematic”, they are deemed an Anti-SJW, and are expelled from society.

You play the game as the protagonist, Vivian James (Gamergate’s mascot), who battles SJWs in this Orwellian dystopia:


Vivian James has an arsenal of weapons to choose from, including one named “Citation Needler”.

The weapon can be seen in action below:

In your quest to fight for free speech, you come across some very interesting characters, like Reddit’s Auto-moderator.

“Auto-Moderator is a highly customizable moderation bot. It monitors new and edited submissions and comments and acts on them as needed.”


You also come across what seems like an SJW hive-mind named “Code Taco”. Code Taco just published an article titled “5 reasons why we need to kill all gamers”.

This is of course referencing Kotaku, the self proclaimed gaming website that is actually less about video games and more about pushing political correct rhetoric:


Then there’s Twitter’s Ministry of Truth, known for censoring “offensive” speech on Twitter and banning users.

The Ministry of Truth is responsible for permanently banning Milo Yiannopoulos from Twitter earlier this year:


The game asks you to “get ready to relive 1984” as you are introduced to hoards of Tumblr drones, led by a fat pink haired (feminist) woman.

“Listen and believe”, their motto reads.


You face some very fierce opponents including Beta Male, White Knight and Drone:


The in-game screenshots don’t look half bad:

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The trailer for the game should be up any day from now.

We’ll be sure to alert you guys when it is uploaded and when the game is finally released.