The woman behind “Hugh Mungus” is back


Two months ago, a woman by name “Zarna Joshi” confronted a man and accused him of sexual harassment, because he made a joke about his name being “Hugh Mungus”. She took a video of the entire confrontation and posted it online, expecting support and pity. The move backfired on her, with several internet users and celebs calling her out and showing support to the man she accused of sexual harassment. The man, real name Rudy Pantoja, became an internet sensation overnight, and the memes about him begun to flow. He was even featured on the channel of a famous YouTuber, H3H3 productions, who conducted a 10 minute interview with him.

However if you think Zarna is done, you couldn’t be any more wrong.

Two months after the Hugh Mungus incident, she still maintains that she was and is the victim of sexual assault. Claiming to be a victim of character assassination, she created a You caring page asking for donations. She says the fundraiser is so people who care about dismantling the patriarchy can contribute to her safety (leep in mind that she isn’t in any danger from anyone. In fact, she has called law enforcement officers investigating her allegations “white supremacist pigs”).

The campaign has raised almost $500 so far, from 42 donors.



Meanwhile, she has released a series of videos on her YouTube channel, discussing “internalized oppression”, sexual harassment and “the patriarchy”.

I highly advise against watching them, because even if you go through all of them without being bored to death, you’d probably get cancer from the combined stupidity.

Here’s a summary of all the videos, provide by our friends over at Royal media: