The “United Anti-Feminist coalition” page has been unpublished by Facebook



This is getting quite ridiculous. Just a day after The “Anti-Feminazi” page was unpublished by Facebook, another anti-feminist page with almost 40,000 likes was removed just this morning.

According to its newly created Back-up page, the page has been “temporarily unpublished”.

“Hello all, as you probably noticed the other page has been temporarily unpublished, or if not temporarily that is fine. We are however just going to continue as normal and have created this space for you all. If you could share this that would be great. Thank you -Sparty”

A pinned post on the new page says.

A well known attention seeking Feminist under the name Rose S Garston(Probably not her real name) has taken credit for the page getting taken down:

page taken down rose


You can follow the new page at UNITED ANTI FEMINIST COALITION


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