The Triggering returns in 2017


Its that time of the year again.

The greatest annual Shitposting event; The Triggering, is coming your way in 2017, and its going to be bigger and better than last year’s.

“What exactly is The Triggering?”

The Triggering is a day set down for Shitlords and politically incorrect folk from all walks of life to post unconventional and “offensive” things on social media in defense of free speech.

The event is the brainchild on Lauren Southern, as seen in the Tweet below:


Like last year, the Triggering will take place on Thursday, the 9th of March.

March 8th is International women’s day.

March 10th is Osama Bin Laden’s birthday.

March 9th is the perfect time to Trigger some snowflakes.

The Triggering couldn’t possibly have a better date.

“Just how much Butthurt did last year’s event cause?”

Short answer: A lot.

Throughout 9th of march of last year, #TheTriggering was trending on Twitter in practically every country. The hashtag also trended on Facebook.

The tag was filled with offended Feminists, vegans, SJWS and Black Lives Matter fanatics who couldn’t believe their worldviews were being challenged.

For a complete overview of last year’s Butthurt, we suggest you read The Triggering: Butthurt compilation edition.

For a compilation of the best tweets from last year’s event, check out The Triggering: best Tweets compilation.

The collective Shitposting from the hashtag was so intense that even The United Nations got butthurt and began blocking people:


You know your shitposting skills are impressive when you can offend one of the most powerful organizations on the Planet.

“How do I participate?”

Simple. On march 9th, go on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or any other social media website and start posting unconventional truths.

Criticize Feminism, Vegans, Black lives matter, hell you can even criticize anti-feminism if you want.

Make sure you tag your posts under the #TheTriggering hashtag and to share the posts of other people on the hashtag.

If you don’t already have accounts on any of these sites, then now is the time to create one.

Let’s go Trigger some snowflakes…………