The Triggering 2016: Date and Timeline


UPDATE: The triggering has already taken place.

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For a complete report on the Triggering, read: The Triggering report: Social Justice Warriors blown the f*ck out

And now for the original article:

As most of us Shitlords know, Feminist social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has been cracking down on liberal, libertarian and conservative opinions which oppose their Disneyfield, “safe spaces” policies when it comes to criticizing “protected groups”, religion (other than Christianity) and of course…feminists…

Many of us have been blocked more than once for saying things that, although truthful, go against the rhetoric of SJW, feminists, and minorities who love to present themselves as perpetual victims, thus expecting preferential treatment. In my case, I’ve been blocked for 30 days for saying to a feminist that the “1 in 4” myth is exactly that…a myth.

In some high profile cases, we’ve heard of Milo Yiannopoulos having his “verified” tag removed from his official Twitter account due to an anti feminist joke. Others such as as commentator Paul Joseph Watson have had their posts deleted for being critical of feminism and radical Islam, and just last week Lauren Southern had her account suspended AGAIN for a post critical of feminism, just a few days before she was attacked with human urine by a group of nauseating feminists.

Strangely, Facebook doesn’t seem to have any problem with groups promoting terrorist organizations, calling for the assassination of Donald Trump, or even child pornography and animal cruelty.

Our freedom of speech is under attack from cultural Marxists who seek to subvert us. Well, as The Addams Family said…”we gladly feast on the flesh of those who seek to subdue us” 🙂 That is why on March 9th, to fight political correctness, and to celebrate the return of Lauren Southern’s profile, we shitlords around the world will conduct the annual event known as #TheTriggering on all forms of social media.

To participate all you have to do is post the most vile and offensive things you can think of (within federal law), in defense of freedom of speech.

If you plan on “triggering” this year, please tag your shit posts as #thetriggering or #thetriggering2016 and #laurensouthern. We here at AgeofShitlords will be taking a full coverage of the whole thing and all the butthurt that will inevitably erupts from it.

Blessed be our new Founding Fathers and America, a nation reborn.

Happy Triggering.


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