The tasteless gentleman has been unbanned by facebook


One of Facebook’s most controversial pages has just returned to the social network, and Feminists aren’t very happy about it. The Tasteless Gentlemen is a blend of Meninist themed anti-Feminist humor, with a flavor of dark comedy on the side. Their Facebook page was unpublished by Facebook earlier in March of this year, but managed to return seven months later- something that very few pages can boast about. After the page disappeared from Facebook, the admins stipulated that their page had been banned unfairly without any explanation from Facebook (most likely from mass reports ). They asked their fans to protest by sharing their article everywhere.

“For the second time since we started The Tasteless Gentlemen, Facebook has unpublished our page without any explanation.  All we can do is appeal this. All we can do is appeal this decision without anything in writing.  We can’t explain anything.  We can’t tell them that the photos that get reported don’t violate any of their community standards.  We can’t have a real discussion with anybody at Facebook to appeal this.  For all we know, some algorithm or somebody behind a desk will make a decision without actually speaking to us at all.

This is our livelihood.  We built this and it can all be destroyed without any explanation as to why.  The decision will be made in silence, so right now, we can’t be silent.  We need you posting this article all over Facebook and all other social media demanding that Facebook bring back TTG.  Don’t let the social justice warriors and the PC police win this battle.”

Evidently, they must have done something right, because Facebook finally decided to respond to their complaints.


This is good news for anti-Feminist and anti-political correctness pages on Facebook. In the past few months, the social network has banned pages like Occupy democrats logic and Being Libertarian, and has had to unban them later, following wide protests from fans of the pages. Even one Donald Trump page managed to get unbanned after Breitbart and several other websites published articles about their demise. Facebook is finally hearing our complaints and they can’t handle the negative PR anymore.

Perhaps what sets the Tasteless Gentlemen apart from all these other pages and which probably led to them getting their page back, is that it isn’t just a meme page, its an entire comedy network. The four men behind the page, Bradley, Scoop, DJ Dom King and Alex, also host a Podcast. The podcast already has 54 episode so far, with a new episode dropping every week.

I spoke with Alex, one of the hosts of the podcast, who told me that despite what Feminists would have you believe, they are neither sexists nor bigoted:

“People throw that accusation around all the time, even though we’ve never advocated people to harm others or oppress any group in any way.  It’s all comedy and I’ve never been to a comedy show where people left angry with intentions to harm others.  

People still believe that offensive humor normalizes bad behavior but if that is the case, then Jim Jefferies and Jim Norton would be horrible people and Bill Cosby, being a clean comedian, would be a model citizen.  Instead, Cosby is the serial rapist and Jefferies and Norton are decent human beings by all accounts.”

Alex told me that getting the page back wasn’t an easy task. They had to pull a few strings to make it happen. The fact that they were more than just a meme page helped.

“We tried everything to get in touch with the right people at Facebook to have them take a second look.  From our manager going through her contacts, to using our own contacts, and eventually we got in touch with the right people and had a few phone conferences.  There will be a lot of people who run meme pages who will look to get their pages back but one thing to remember is that we are a business as well as a talk show and entertainers.  If we were just a meme page I highly doubt we would have got our page back”. .  

On the topic of self censorship, the group says it intends to operate within Facebook’s terms of service as they have always done.

They will however be looking to expand and grow their YouTube channel.

This makes sense.

While YouTube may have its flaws, its level of censorship is nowhere close to Facebook’s. The group says it has several projects planned, and will be looking to do live shows in the future.

You can follow the tasteless gentlemen on Facebook HERE.

You can check out their YouTube channel HERE, where all their podcasts are available.