The Left’s refusal to debate is hurting them


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    As we all know, politically, the left has seen some major blows of late; with Brexit on one side of the pond and Trump on the other. Now, eyes turn to France to see if Le Penn will be the next major victory for the right wing. While the right wing is gaining ground politically, the left is still bickering among themselves over who’s more oppressed.

    I, a left winger, have been rather alarmed by recent political changes but not surprised. The Social Justice Warriors on the left have relied too heavily on closing down debates on topics they disagree with, rather than attempting to win people to their cause.

    I used to love debating politics with people from all sides of the political spectrum. However, despite being left wing, I have come to realize that I can only debate people who lean towards the Right Wing. When discussing issues/politics with right wingers, I know, despite disagreeing with their views, that I will have a decent conversation and debate. They listen to my views, I listen to theirs and we both come away with a greater understanding of each other’ side. 

    With most left-wingers I know, or at the very least, the ones more likely to engage in debate, you cannot discuss politics with them unless you agree 100% with them on every issue. If there is the slightest form of disagreement, then you’re told that you are  ignorant/racist/sexist or that your gender/color/sexuality means you are unable to discuss the topic at hand. Any point made that does not agree with this person’s view gets ignored. And they will passionately respond with something unrelated (e.g. you could say “male suicide is on the rise in the UK” and their response would be “men earn more than women”).

    While more and more people are being driven towards the Right, the Left are driving more and more people away by calling anyone who does not agree with them, racist, bigot, sexist etc and refusing to engage in intellectual debate.

    I feel it is quite short sighted to blanket-call all voters of Trump and Brexit as racist or ignorant. If the left is to achieve anything other than being sent to the labour camps in a not-to-far-away dystopian future (this is a joke, people) then they need to gain a greater understanding of why people are voting the way that they are. Targeting the racism of these campaigns, in my view, is targeting the symptoms of a situation and not the cause. While I agree that we should stand up to racism, I think more focus is needed on the cause of this (people’s social anxieties). Cure the social anxieties, then no one will listen to demagogues like Trump.

    I recently joined some anti-SJW groups on Facebook (because they post pretty funny stuff), and I’ve come to realize that a lot of these people in the US voted/support Trump. These people didn’t seem to vote for Trump because they believe he can make america great again or because they agree with his racist remarks (although some do). Many just ignore these comments and are supporting him because they are sick of the status quo and the rhetoric pushed by social justice warriors – something Trump opposes. Screaming “racist” at people who disagree with your views and writing them off as bigots rather than trying to get them to understand your views, will just drive more people away from the left and to the right.

    Part of the reason many Trump voters are deaf to Trump’s racism, is the fact that Social Justice Warriors and many on the left, have been classifying everything as racist or sexist (for example, having dreadlocks is racist cultural appropriation or holding a door open for someone is sexist and a sign of male privilege). When you scream “Sexist, racist!” at people for such mundane things, people grow deaf to you, and don’t pay you any head when an actual bigot comes along (see the boy who cried wolf).

    While the Social Justice Warriors rant about “White Privilege” and how good white people have it, they fail to realize that people of all races and colors have problems (and a vote). When a white person is struggling to make rent, find a stable job with stable hours on a wage that can barely sustain him and gets told to check his privilege, you can’t expect him to vote for the person asking him to check his privilege. If another person comes along and says “Brexit will solve your issues”, who do you think he’s going to vote for? The person providing a solution to his problems or the one blaming him for them? Whether or not you agree with them, the right wing is offering answers to people’s woes. Yes, they are being divisive with their comments on immigrants/Muslims, but Social Justice warriors are being equally divisive by over-playing the racism, sexism, privilege cards without offering solutions to (or even acknowledging) many of the problems faced by everyday people.

    As a British person, It is my personal belief, that while labour (the left wing party) is constantly squabbling and SJWs are screaming “racist” “bigot” at everyone they disagree with, the everyday problems of a lot of people are being ignored by the left and this opportunity is being seized by the right wing. If you don’t agree with me, continue crying “sexist” when a man sneezes next to you and see what happens on the geo-political scale. The right wing is already winning while the left can’t even mobilize (labour is constantly fighting internal struggles and SJW are arguing over who is more privileged).

    Every time I try to state my views on this situation to my fellow left wingers, I barely get anyway before the conversation gets sidetracked with a “but he’s a racist”, “he said grab them by the pussy” comment. Yes, I agree with all those points about how terrible Trump is, but that is not my point; my point is that Trump and Brexit is a symptom of a sick society, not the cause. Find the cause, and you will cure the need for Trump. Continue to yell “racist/sexist” without offering a solution or looking into why people are voting this way, and you can expect more Trumps, more Brexits.