The “Anti-Feminazi” page has been unpublished by facebook


Another day on Facebook, another mass reporting campaign from Feminists, and another page taken down.

anti feminazi page unpublished by facebook

Prior to being taken down, the page, which had over 75,000 likes, had raised over $1000 to help a men’s resource facility (In just 2 weeks). Perhaps that is what pissed the Feminists off.

“Stupid shitlords trying to help men and shit”

the feminist thought to herself as she adjusted her undersized food stained clothes on her overweight body and continued reporting the page.

Lots of Feminist pages and profiles are taking credit for the page getting removed, but we’re not going to name them, because we don’t want to give them the attention, which is pretty much what they want.

anti fem page removed


There is already a back-up page but the admin has appealed the ban and hopefully Facebook will reinstate the page soon – I wouldn’t hold my breathe though.

About two weeks ago, Anti-Feminism Australia had their page removed by Facebook and never got it back even though they appealed the decision. A week earlier, the same thing had happened to another anti-feminist page named “Exposing Feminism”

A voice for men got unpublished too, but had the page reinstated after 3 days, so maybe there’s hope after all.

At this point, it seems like Facebook’s motto is “Behead those who insult Feminism”

you get a ban everyone gets a ban oprah(1)


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