The 10 worst Feminist blogs on the Internet


As we begin the new year, we thought it would be a good idea to release our list of the worst Feminist blogs online. Since we already have a list for the 9 most annoying Social Justice Warriors online, the top 10 Anti-Feminist YouTubers, the 6 most politically correct countries, and the top 10 Anti-Feminist females on the Internet, this seemed like the only natural progression. In fact, this article was pretty much inevitable.

For this list, we’ll be considering websites/blogs that are “click-baity” in nature, websites that intentionally misrepresent facts to promote a Feminist agenda, and Websites known for expressing radical Feminist rhetoric.

Without further ado, let’s begin the countdown:


10. Buzzfeed

Most of you guys were probably expecting Buzzfeed to be lower down in the list, and it honestly should be. The reason it’s not, is because no one actually takes Buzzfeed seriously; not even they themselves. Truth be told, Buzzfeed probably doesn’t care about Feminism or social justice, or any of the other topics they write about. Buzzfeed cares about one thing and one thing only, and that’s ad revenue. They will do anything that will generate clicks. Feminism is trendy at the moment and bound to generate clicks, so Buzzfeed is obviously going to cater to that demographic.

Buzzfeed panders to the lowest denominator of idiots on the Internet by publishing top 10 lists about pretty much anything. Emoji’s, reaction gifs, Tumblr memes, you name it. No topic is too irrelevant for Buzzfeed to spend a whole blog post talking about.

For a complete list of reasons why Buzzfeed sucks, we recommend watching THIS VIDEO.


9. Vice

It really pains me to include vice in this list, because I used to love them. 5 years ago, if you had told me I would be including Vice in a “worst websites” article, I would have laughed in your face.

Vice has done some incredible works of journalism in the past, like travelling to war zones to interview terrorists and making some very educational and informative documentaries. However, like MTV, Vice has jumped on the Feminist bandwagon and it doesn’t look like they plan on coming back to sanity any time soon.

But that’s not all. In an attempt to stay edgy and hipster in a world that is already hipster enough, Vice now dedicates it’s time to writing about weird fetishes and kinks. Articles about people wanting to have sex in coffins with large dildos now litter Vice’s front page. The following are actual articles published by Vice:


8. Mic

Mic is arguably one of the “smarter” websites on this list, which isn’t really saying much. Like most other Feminist blogs, Mic dedicates itself to fighting stupid causes that only a first world upper-class women would consider a problem. The front page of Mic is filled with hundreds of articles complaining about “cultural appropriation” and how bad it is (when white people do it). When you finally scroll past the cultural appropriation articles, you get to the ones arguing for political correctness and safe spaces. But you still haven’t reached your destination yet, keep scrolling. Mic’s claim to fame sterns from its “science” based articles, which are nothing but greatly overexaggerated and misrepresented facts designed to generate clicks. Basically, Mic is that website that takes actual scientific studies, uses some mental gymnastics to misrepresents the facts, and then arrive at conclusions that don’t follow from the premise.


7. Feminist current

Although Feminist current is undoubtedly the least famous blog to make this list, they hold their own when it comes to publishing bullshit. Calling itself a “radical Feminist” blog, Feminist current is what happens when 12-year-old girls discover the Internet and try too hard to be edgy. With articles like “We need a mandemic”, “I chose radical Feminism over my porn loving boyfriend” and “Its time to consider a curfew for men”, Feminist Current tries so desperately to be offensive and edgy that its almost embarrassing.

Arguing for male genocide and a (female) revolution is nothing new, but when the people who are supposedly going to carry out the genocide are underage Tumblr girls with colored hair who need trigger warnings to survive the internet, it becomes comedic gold. The worst thing about Feminist current is that the writers actually believe their own hype. Every so often, they boast and gloat about how their articles are offending men and challenging “male fragility”.

They sure got us, guys.

I, too, am a man who gets offended by articles written by fat cat ladies with delusions of grandeur.


6. Salon

I’m not even going to explain why Salon deserves to be on this list, I’m just going to list some of their articles:


5. XoJane

If you have gone your whole life without hearing of XoJane, then I apologize in advance for ruining your day. With almost every article written in the first person, XoJane is basically a place for crazy women to share their totally true stories that totally happened. You find yourself hoping some of the stories you read on the blog are made up, because the alternative would mean that these women are actually this psychotic.

With articles like “My rapist friended me on Facebook (and all I got was this lousy article)”, “I spent two weeks in a mental institution and left with better hair” and “My Gynecologist found a ball of cat hair in my Vagina”, the site is basically what happens when Vice and Buzzfeed give birth to a child. A deranged child that likes to tell lies and make up fake stories for ad revenue.


4. Jezebel

Let’s face it, you were all expecting Jezebel to make this list; It was only a question of where on the list they would be. Three or four years ago, Jezebel would have taken the number one spot on this list, However, as these Feminist blogs keep getting crazier and crazier, Jezebel finds itself looking saner in comparison.

When Gawker media, Jezebel’s parent company, declared bankruptcy and sold out to the highest bidder about a year ago, we were all hoping Jezebel would cease operations or at least tone down on the idiocy. The fates were however not so kind. The Iconic Feminist site is alive and well and still posts as much bullshit as ever before.


3. The Mary Sue

The site’s name literally translates to “a character who saves the day through unrealistic means or situations”. That should tell you everything you need to know about the people who write for it. What sets the Mary sue apart from the other blogs on this list, and which is responsible for them being on the list in the first place, is that they try desperately to understand Internet culture; which usually results in them writing cringe worthy articles about memes and trolling.

Calling itself a “Guide to Geek Girl culture”, The Mary Sue is known for over-sensationalizing news articles and publishing anecdotes as facts, without providing any evidence or proof to back it up. If there was ever a website that fit the description of “fake news”, this is it. In fact, a gaming journalist who was fired for supporting Gamergate, exposed how little they cared for facts by writing obviously fake stories for them to see if they would publish them or not. They did.

Using a pseudonym, Mark Ankucic wrote a series of fake stories and sent them to the Mary Sue, which they published without bothering to fact check or even proofread for validity. Mark himself said he was surprised at how easily they believed the obviously fabricated lies he told in the articles. After he revealed that he had made all the stories up, the Mary sue removed them and issued an apology. Sadly, for them, the internet never forgets.


2. The Huffington post

If we were to rename the Huffington post, a better name for it would be “The hypocrisy post”. One moment they’re writing articles about why it’s wrong to objectify women, the next moment, they’re writing listicles about the “10 hottest male celebrity bodies”. The double standards and double think of Huffington is unrivaled by any other website.

I would call it the “Cuckington post”, but they don’t hire men (Or black people for that matter). The site is owned, controlled and created by and for overweight white women with victim complexes. It is said that 2 out of every 3 Huffington post writers owns at least 6 cats. The one out of three who don’t currently own cats used to own them, until the cats ran away to escape the abuse and depression.


1. Everyday Feminism

On the top of our list is everyday Feminism, Or as I like to call them, Everyday Cancer. Their position on the list is well deserved, no other Feminist website or blog comes close to beating Everyday Feminism’s brand of idiocy and unhinged insanity. Only 4 years old, and by far one of the youngest blogs on the list, Everyday Feminism destroyed any hope we had left that Feminists could return to sanity. Their articles are so devoid of logic and critical thinking that they’ll leave you wondering whether you’re reading a satirical blog piece or if these people actually believe what they were saying.

One of my favorite article of theirs till date is “3 reasons why its irrational to demand ‘rationality’ in Social Justice Activism”. The contents of that article are exactly what it sounds like: a list of reasons why the writer thinks logic and facts aren’t really that important. Whiles most Feminist blogs would use mental gymnastics and shady justifications to give the impressions that their rhetoric has scientific bases, Everyday Feminism doesn’t even bother. They don’t care about science or facts, and they don’t care that you know it.