Tess Holliday/Munster is a sh*tty person, and here’s why


Special Thanks to Imgur user Wizzardess for researching, digging and compiling this:

There’s no doubt in my mind that you all know who Tess Holliday is. Founder of “Eff your beauty standards”, plus size model, (apparent) body positive icon.. oh, and scam artist! In November 2014, hundreds of her loyal fans purchased shirts with her “EYBS” brand emblazoned on them, while also under the impression that a portion of the proceeds would be donated to a Domestic Violence charity (many fans have said that the reason they were able to justify spending $40 on a shirt is that they were glad that some of the money would to go a DV charity). Not only did hundreds of fans NEVER receive their shirts/merchandise, but not a single penny went to charity. Fans asked Holliday why they hadn’t received their items yet via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, only to be subsequently blocked (Tess herself has admitted that she is personally in control of all of her social media accounts).

After several attempts by many disappointed fans, the Facebook group “Eff Your Customer Service” began. With 450 members, Holliday could no longer ignore the fans who had rallied against her.

The clothing company Redress took on Holliday’s EYBS merchandising responsibilities, and tried their best to reimburse customers.

Still, many were disappointed that none of the proceeds from their purchases were going to the DV charity as they had been lead to believe. Holliday claims that the reason for this is because EYBS operated at a loss, despite the fact that they did their own packing, advertising and were selling the shirts at $40 each. Fans asked her why she couldn’t just donate some of her own fortune to the charity to write her wrongs, though no response was given. Holliday (whose real name is Ryann Maegan) claims to earn 6 figures, and her constant updates on her expensive lifestyle understandably angered fans who were left with no refund, no shirt, and no DV charity contribution.

Of course, making donations to things like Amber Rose’s Slut walk is no problem!

Holliday’s scamming/thievery goes even further, as this image suggests. The identity of the person who made this comment is protected, as this Facebook group was a secret group where people could talk about their experiences with her without facing scrutiny from Holliday and her friends, who are constantly harassing anybody who speaks out about her.

Holliday is also known as a horrible person to work with. Despite claiming to be against traditional beauty standards and standing up for body positivity, many photographers who have worked with her in the past have said that they will never work with her again.

Additionally, the plus size clothing company Torrid have severed ties with Holliday for a number of reasons.

In a Buzzfeed video, Holliday is seen claiming to be a size 22, while complaining about the fit of a pair of size 28 Torrid shorts, despite having modeled for them in the past.

Lastly, Holliday’s general stalking of people speaking out about her says a lot about what kind of person she is. She knows she’s doing wrong, and she knows that people can tear her down if they need to.

In summary, Don’t hate Tess Holliday because she’s fat, hate her because she’s a scam artist, a liar, and generally a bad person.


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