Sweden launches gay war machine against Russia


Russia allegedly violated Sweden’s personal space recently when they were found lurking in submarines off  an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. You don’t just send submarines into another country’s archipelago, bro.

To retaliate, Sweden took aim at what they considered Russia’s greatest weaknesses: homophobia.  The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society dropped this animated neon sign into their waters:

 drop 1

According to the The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, the world’s oldest peace organization, “The purpose of the The Singing Sailor is to urge the Swedish government to think in new ways instead of falling back on territorial defense, conscription and rearmament – the world doesn’t need more weapons.”

No, what it needs is more naked neon sailors. I’ll take an army of them.

The man depicted, as you can see, is a fit, underwear clad seaman, who rocks his hips back and forth, gyrating his junk around like the world’s tastiest bait.

war 2

Light in the loafers, heavy in the briefs.

They are literally baiting the Ruskies.

In addition, the sign sends out an ongoing stream of morse code. Any nearby underwater lurkers will get the message: “This way if you are gay.”


“Gays along the starboard, all hands on dick!”

The Swedish government considers Russia to be brazenly homophobic and aren’t big fans of some of their laws. Specifically, Russia recently banned the promotion of “gay propaganda” to minors in what critics say represents a crackdown on LGBT rights.

By contrast, Sweden was the first in the world to decriminalize homosexuality in 1944.

Full story:

Operation The Singing Sailor from Swedish Peace on Vimeo.


Via: Distractify


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