Students leak pictures of teacher who forced them to have SEX with her to get good grades


    Stories of female teachers having sexual relations with their students have been popping up everywhere these past few years, but I think this particular one stands out for so many reasons. First of all because the woman in question is married, and secondly because unlike most of the other predator teachers we hear about, this one didn’t limit her relationship to one student, but instead courted up to 40 of them.

    A COLOMBIAN high school teacher is currently facing legal action for forcing students to have sex with her – and threatening to fail them if they didn’t. The 40-year-old teacher, known only as Yokasta M, groomed teenage boys at an undisclosed school in Medellin, Colombia, by bombarding them with racy snaps between January and April 2016.

    Because Age Of Shitlords is such a reputable organization and for scientific reasons, I have managed to acquire all the pictures and videos which she distributed to the students. In total, there are over 200 pictures and about 6 videos, all of them sexual in nature (Link at the bottom of the article).

    She allegedly asked up to 40 16-year-old boys for their numbers “to help with their studies”. But she then used the WhatsApp messenger app to send the boys hundreds of scantily-clad snaps of herself in underwear or a bikini, sometimes only covering herself with hands or fluffy toys. She then invited dozens of students back to her flat, ordered them to perform sexual acts on her by threatening to fail their classes if they refused.

    The sick pervert was finally exposed when a father of one of her victims discovered the snaps after checking his son’s mobile phone. Yokasta M was not caught for months, and carried on her sick acts without the knowledge of parents or the school, until a father found some of the images she had sent to his son on his mobile phone.

    After her arrest, one of her students posted a cache of the x-rated images online. He said: “This is the teacher Yokasta, who tells us that she disapproves of us if we do not have relations with her.” As the story went viral across South America, reactions have varied from outrage to jokes that the teenagers were ‘probably not complaining’.

    She now faces up to 40 years in jail and her husband has filed for divorce.

    Link to Pictures and Videos —> HERE.