Students falsely accused of rape are fighting back, and about 70% of them are winning


A rising number of young men who were kicked out of college for “sexual misconduct” are suing their schools, alleging they were treated unfairly, and a lot of them are winning their lawsuits. Some of these male students were tried by school courts that have little regard for due process and the concept of “Innocent until proven guilty”. Even with no clear evidence pointing to their guilt, the school courts often find them guilty, based on the word of their accusers alone.

The Washington Post reports that Title IX laws, the laws that false rape accusers abuse to get innocent men jailed, are the same laws these men are using to fight back. The number of men accused of rape who have filed title IX lawsuits have also skyrocketed. Between 1991 and 2011 (a 20-years period), only 15 lawsuits have been filed by male students in regard to rape accusations. However, since 2011, at least 150 have been filed in about 5 years alone. These male students believe that they have been mistreated by school courts, so they let real judges handle it instead.

The legal pushback from these men has emerged in response to a wave of campus activism in recent years and a shift in federal enforcement of Title IX, the anti-discrimination law that led to more reports of sexual assault and major changes in how colleges resolve those complaints.
Title IX has become a rallying point for assault survivors who want colleges to pay more attention to the problem of sexual violence. But now more men are using the 1972 law to defend themselves.
Since 2011, more than 150 Title IX lawsuits have been filed against colleges and universities involving claims of due process violations during the course of investigations and proceedings related to sex assault allegations, according to a database kept by a group called Title IX For All. In the two decades before that year, the group found, only 15 such lawsuits were filed against universities.

These lawsuits aren’t just being filed, they are also being won. According to recent surveys, about 70% of men who file these lawsuits are getting positive results:

SAVE Services, a Maryland-based group that seeks to highlight what it calls “rape hoaxes” and protect the rights of the accused in sexual assault cases, found in a survey that about 70 percent of these types of lawsuits filed against colleges from 1993 to 2015 ended in settlements or rulings that at least partially benefited the plaintiffs.

As is to be expected, Feminists, Social justice warriors and the so-called “anti-rape activists” aren’t very happy with how things are turning out, as they feel that courts overruling the decisions made by colleges helps actual rapists escape justice:

Victim advocates say that the lawsuits are an attempt to circumvent a system designed to keep colleges safe. It is not uncommon for cases to end with settlements that expunge expulsions from a student’s academic record, which advocates say could allow a violent predator to transfer undetected and endanger another campus.

Luckily, society isn’t run based on how Feminists think (otherwise, we’d probably be extinct by now). If people are challenging your rulings in court and the courts keep ruling against you about 70% of the time, then maybe you’re doing something wrong. Its almost as if College kangaroo courts aren’t qualified to arbitrate crime accusations or something


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