Student made up false rape accusation to get sympathy from a guy she liked


There’s an ever-growing mass of people who are skeptical of rape victims in modern society, and justifiably so. Men and women alike are becoming less and less sympathetic to the accusers of attack and take a lot of caution before believing every accusation that is brought forth. A simple rule exists in every morally correct society: regret does not equal rape. It’s a simple rule that apparently isn’t quite clear enough for majority of third and fourth wave feminists. The prevalence of these false rape accusations, it could be said, actually does harm to real victims of rape, who are less likely to be believed because of them.

Such is the case of Nikki Yovino and the two men whose lives she ruined. Let’s set the scene: It’s 2016, and doe-eyed sweetheart Nikki Yovino is at a college party. Also in attendance are two football players, enjoying themselves among friends. Nikki and the two young men get talking, and soon after, find themselves all wrapped up in bed together. Consensually.

At the time, the two men insisted repeatedly that their threesome sex was not rape, as Nikki had fully consented. However, their voices almost went unheard below the feminist outrage, as Yovino quickly began spreading the news that she had, in fact, been tragically raped. Yovino has since reclaimed her allegations, admitting to their falsehood. According to a police affidavit, Yovino admitted that she made up the rape accusations so that she wouldn’t upset a potential boyfriend when word got out she had slept with the two football players.

Nikki Yovino
Nikki Yovino

“She believed that when (the other male student) heard the news that she had been raped, it would make him angry and sympathetic to her,” the affidavit explained. Yovino’s lie was only exposed when other student witnesses came forward and mentioned that she had been texting the football players in the time leading up to the accusation. Investigations were conducted, causing Yovino to finally admit that she had, in fact, falsely accused the two men of her rape.

Despite her admittance, the two men are still facing repercussions for something they didn’t do. Both men lost their scholarships at the time, and were expelled from Sacred Heart University. One of the men has since been welcomed back, but without his scholarship. He also no longer plays football. Thankfully though, a little twinkle of light shines in this murky world. Yovino is now facing charges of false reporting, including a felony count of evidence tampering, which could land her behind bars for up to five years.