Strangest guy “comes out” on facebook


I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I came across a post, which I can only accurately describe as weapons grade Autism. A guy calling himself Jacob Nobles said he was coming. He wasn’t coming out as gay or transgender or any of that, he was coming out as AmbonecAmicagender, and he also claims to be Biogender. But that’s not all, he also identifies as Caelgender. His preferred pronouns are zap/Zep/ZAM, and he will block you if you misgender him.The post already has a thousand shares, about 1,500 comments and people are shitposting in the comment section(He’s blocking most of them).

Here’s a look at the full post:

full post

Here are the five pictures of himself he attached to the post. One of them is a picture of him as Caelgender (The one of him in space….. or wherever the fuck he thinks he is)

jacob 1 jacob 2 jacob 3 jacob 4 jacob 5