Spanish Feminists are falsely accusing their male allies of rape on Twitter


Moral dilemma: When male Feminists get falsely accused of rape, what do you do? Do you feel sorry and defend them or do you laugh at their plight and say they deserve it? I suggest that there’s a third option: Do nothing and observe in silence, all while acknowledging that they brought this on themselves.

A group of Feminists from Spain, who describe themselves as “Eleven communist women very angry with the world and very disorganized”, are creating a list of all male Feminist allies in their ranks who have been suspected of rape, sexual misconduct or assault. The aim of the list is to mark all the men included in it for ostracization and possible persecution. The group asked Feminists on Twitter to send in names and identities of men who they suspect of sexual assault, so they can be added to the list. What’s funny is that in typical fashion, almost all of the accusations are accompanied with absolutely no proof or evidence whatsoever.

What prompted them to create this list is still unclear. Maybe they’re paranoid from all the male feminists who have turned out to be abusers and rapists (In this sense, you can’t really fault them too much), maybe they’re doing it to spite men, or just out of petty revenge. The last point sounds much more plausible, because most of the “proof” being presented as evidence that these men are rapists are basically screenshots taken out of context of break-up texts between these Feminists and their ex-boyfriends. Needless to say there are quite a lot of men on the list. The original texts are in Spanish which have been translate to English using Google Translate, so bear with me if the translations aren’t perfect:

That’s when it begun.

I don’t want to post screenshots of the guys’ names/Twitter handles, but what basically followed is, hundreds of Feminists started sending in names of men they believe to be rapists and sexual predators. The men’s names and Twitter handles were then added to the list and shared on Twitter. Most of them have already deleted their Twitter accounts. You can find the men’s names on Twitter HERE.

If you are expecting these men to fight back, you probably shouldn’t get your hopes high. Spanish men are about as pathetic, if not more so, as Swedish men. The “Anti Gender Violence law” which was unanimously passed by Spanish politicians in 2005 basically strips men of “innocent until proven guilty”. 325 votes in favour, 0 against, 0 abstentions – to a law that basically allows women to falsely accuse men of rape without any repercussions.