South Park hilariously destroys victimhood culture and identity politics in new parody ad [VIDEO]


Wednesday’s upcoming episode of South Park might be the most relevant and underrated topics for social commentary this season: identity politics and victimhood culture.

The episode titled “DNA And Me” takes a dive into random white people taking DNA tests to find their ancestral background. However, instead of just discovering their ethnic and racial backgrounds, South Park is taking it to the next level and mocking victimhood culture.

In the short preview, Randy Marsh sits on the couch in his underwear and open bathrobe with a look of discouragement on his face. While watching television, an ad appears for the product “DNA And Me” with the narrator speaking directly to Randy, saying, “Hey, you! That’s right, you! Wouldn’t you like to know the story of you? What makes you, you? DNA and Me is a genetic service that can help you find out exactly who your ancestors were.”

Like with any advertisement, Randy gets to hear from actual consumers.

“I thought I was just a standard white guy, but DNA and Me showed that I’m actually 4.2 percent Cherokee Indian,” one man says in the ad.

A woman working out speaks to the camera, saying, “Turns out I’m not totally white. I’m also part Northern Asian and even some Kurdish. I’m a victim of oppression.”

Other consumers continue to speak on how that they have newly-discovered lineage from non-white races that they’re now a part of their identity. One white man in the ad said he kept getting in trouble for using the n-word, but, with DNA and Me, he can now use the racial slur because he’s “2.1 percent black.”

It’s the type of social commentary that makes you want to give creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker a well-deserved “slow clap.”

Watch the preview below:

Original story by Red Alert Politics.