Someone hacked Black Lives matter Saint Louis and Shitposted on their website


Yesterday, the official website for Black Lives Matter: Saint Louis branch, was hijacked and altered by what we can only assume to be anonymous trolls. The webpage which previously hosted articles about activism and racial justice, now hosts what can only be described as extreme works of shitposting.

The website has now been designed into four helpful categories for black people, namely, “Find a job”, “Raise your kids”, “Learn to swim” and “Local resources”. Each category has helpful links which presumably, would help black people better their lives. The “Find a job” category, for example, links to Monster, a website for people to submit their resumes for a job application. There is also a helpful link to a Wikihow article on how to wear a belt and another link to an online resume creator.


That’s not all. The page has other helpful tips like a Wikihow article on “How to be a good parent”, and a link to a website that is giving swimming lessons to residents of saint Louis. The “Local resources” section contains a link to the official website of the Saint Louis police department, and finally, a link to a YouTube video titled “How not to get your ass kicked by the police


It is currently unclear how the trolls got control of the website. Speculations range from “They hacked it” to “BLM Saint Louis forgot to renew their domain name subscription, making it easy for anyone to hijack the domain name”

One thing is for sure though: Black Lives matter is not happy with this.

You can visit the site HERE, or view an archive of it HERE.