Social Justice Warriors vandalize Cat cafe


A group of Social Justice Warriors decided to vandalize a cat cafe and threaten its owner, because they alleged that the cafe is located on the site of a piñata store that went out of business.

Blue Cat Cafe is a cat sanctuary in Austin, Texas, that has become the latest victim of social Justice vandalism.

The cafe, which serves as a home to more than 200 cats adoptable through the Humane Society, was painted with racist graffiti and their locks were glued shut.


Rebel Media reports that the SJWs launched a violent cyber attack against the shop owners:

The SJWs have launched a violent campaign of intimidation against the owner through cyber bullying, including death threats and racial slurs. This is all because the sanctuary, that doubles as a cat cafe, is on the site of a former piñata store.

“The vandalism and the mental anguish they’ve caused me and the cyber-bullying they do — it’s really out of control,” the owner told the Austin-American Statesman. “They show up with megaphones and they yell profanity; they send me emails with pictures of dead cats and pigs.”

The vandals wrote, “fuck you gentrified scum” on the cafe’s exterior.

“Can’t get into work. All the locks are glued shut. Cats are crying at the door,” the owner wrote on Facebook.


The protests have been attributed to the “Defend Our Hoodz” Facebook page, which has taken credit for the intimidation campaign. They claim the cat cafe owner “violently appropriated” land from the owners of the piñata store.

When Austin police officers showed up to oversee the group’s latest protest against the cat cafe, they were accused of killing “black, brown and poor people on a regular basis”.

Meanwhile, a campaign has been launched online to help the shop recover from the vandalism.

A GofundMe page was quickly set up, and with the help of a few online celebrities who helped to boost it, managed to raise over $12,000 (at the writing of this article).


The funds raised will go towards rebuilding defaced property, replacing what has been destroyed, and if possible, increasing the security at the Blue Cat Cafe.