Social Justice warriors offended by an African woman playing an African character (They think she is white)


If you have watched “Kingsmans: The secret service”, then you know who the French-Algerian actress Sofia Boutella is, or have at least seen her in action.

She was that sexy badass assassin with prosthetic legs.

Sofia also starred in star trek beyond, where she played the role of “Jaylah”, a survivor of an attack by Krall (The villian of the movie). For years, Jaylah lived in the starship USS Franklin on the planet Altamid. In 2263, Jaylah helped the crew of the USS Enterprise, after it was destroyed, to fight and defeat Krall, leaving Altamid in the process.

Sofia seems to be moving up in the world, because she is also set to star in the upcoming Tom Cruise movie, “The Mummy (2017)”. In this one, she’s playing “Princess Ahmanet”, a dead Egyptian princess who is resurrected from her slumber and then proceeds to fuck shit up. You know, normal mummy stuff.

Since Sofia Boutella hails from Algeria (A country that is only 3 hours away from Egypt), you’d expect that Social Justice warriors would be glad that Hollywood was casting actors to play roles based on their backgrounds (Something they keep demanding). But NO.

Apparently, Sofia looks too “white” to be playing a black character (Nevermind the fact that ancient Egyptians weren’t black to begin with). Apparently the fact that she looks “western” means that she has to be a white person, and since doing a simple Google search is too hard, they decided to go online instead to complain about “cultural appropriation”.

Enter idiotic comments:

Basically these people are offended by the fact that a person of African descent is playing an African character.

Seriously, it only takes one google search:

Watch the trailer for The Mummy (2017) below:



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