Social Justice Warriors now against YouTube censorship because it affects them


Remember some time ago when YouTube introduced its “YouTube Heroes” program and the media hailed it as a step in the right direction to counter “online harassment”? Or how about that time when YouTube updated its terms of service; an update that would see several YouTube videos lose their monetization status because they discussed “controversial” topics? Social Justice warriors argued that YouTube is a private company and therefore has the right to censor any content that they want to. “if you don’t like it, then leave” they said.

Turns out that they don’t apply these same rule to themselves…..

This past week, YouTube introduced a new update to its user settings. The new “restricted mode” setting, when activated, will hide all inappropriate content from your YouTube searches and in your suggested videos list. It will even prevent you from watching certain videos. This is done by a bot which uses “user flags and other signals” to determine which videos are inappropriate and which ones aren’t.

For some reason, the new setting seemed to filter out “LGBT” content. Specifically, videos that discussed same sex relationships and attractions. In a strange act of self awareness, Feminists and Social Justice Warriors didn’t complain. Instead, they realized that this was karma, as they themselves have argued for the censorship of others on several occasions. They realized that freedom of speech means that the government cannot censor you, it doesn’t mean that you have the right to express yourself on a privately owned social media site.

LOL. Just kidding. Of course they complained.

Several Social Justice “activists” including Vloggers like Tyler Oakland, Jenna Marbles and Thomas Sanders took to Twitter to complain about being censored and oppressed. They started the hashtag #YouTubeIsOverParty on Twitter to complain about political correctness and censorship.

Self awareness level: -9,000.

Eventually, YouTube had to apologize, stating that some videos had been “incorrectly labeled” and they were working on it.

As the complaints increased, they posted another update stating that LGBT videos are now available in restricted mode.

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